Treats, Bones & Snacks Should be Healthy

As a passionate dog lover and owner, I am deeply interested in sharing my experience and knowledge in whatever way possible with all dog owners.


That is exactly why I decided to build a website that is exclusively dedicated to rescue dogs.


While embarking on the journey of creating such a website for dog owners, I was very particular about providing informative, honest, factual, valuable, and insightful data that bring value to my readers.


Here, I am talking about healthy dog bones, snack and treats. The internet offers a lot of misleading information. Dog owners are a bit confused about how to choose the best bones and treats.


How to decide what you should give to your pets? I am offering the best answers to all your questions.


My commitment was to communicate with the audience transparently, clearly and genuinely. I was also determined to make my readers familiar with some top-quality products that can be bought for their pets.


I did extensive research to deliver the best information for my readers. During my research, I came across some interesting and surprising things.


It was a kind of revelation for me. Many things astonished me in many ways. It was a highly rewarding experience for me.


I learned many things about dogs. If I hadn’t done the research, I would not have done justice to the process of creating a website that is exclusively dedicated to dog owners.


How To Choose Between Bones And Treats?


Ask Your Vet


How can you make a distinction between bones or treats? If you want to get the best answer to this question, you should ask your veterinarian.


Vets are qualified and trained people who conduct a lot of research as well.


These people get more and more insightful knowledge on this topic as they keep on working as professionals. Most vets conduct comparative studies on the products available on the market.


Your vet is the most suitable person to offer the best advice for your dog. He/she knows the dog inside out and guides you in the proper direction.


Do Your Research


Generally speaking, bones are often offered to puppies. You can find puppies chewing a lot compared to adult dogs. You can give bones to the puppies to satisfy their added instinct to chew.


Older dogs would like to have something softer. It is because of the fact that the digestive system of the older dogs is highly sensitive; more sensitive than puppies and adult dogs.


Damaged teeth could easily be another reason.


Watch Your Dog Closely


If you want to make some good decisions, you have to take your cues from your pet. It is smarter to close a vigilant look on the dog. You need to examine things in which they show great interest.


It is also necessary to perform research on the brand of product your pet prefers. You have to select the most suitable treat or bone exactly like you decide on selecting suitable dog food.


Learn About The Advantages Of Bone Chewing


Chewing is a natural process for a growing dog. The advantages of chewing differ according to the type of bone you chose for your dog. You have two options, namely natural and synthetic.


Natural vs. Synthetic Bones


You must understand the difference between natural and synthetic bones. If you don’t have clear information, you won’t be able to take a good decision.


The natural bones offer nutrients to your dog while synthetic bones do not provide any nutrients. You also need to realize that synthetic bones contain certain substances that hurt your dog’s health.


Chewing Promotes Intellectual Development


As your dog keeps on chewing bones, it is undergoing a process of intellectual development. In other words; chewing encourages the intellectual enhancement of a dog.


Applying their brains creatively, dogs figure out how to handle bones.


When you give a natural meat bone to your dog, it utilizes the brain to learn how to detach the meaty parts including tendons and reach the harder parts of the bone.


If you give natural bones for your dog to chew, it stops him/her from becoming bored . This method also helps you prevent the need for chewing other substances.


When dogs are allowed to chew other things, they may develop destructive behavior. Offering natural bones to your dog, you can keep the mouth including teeth and gum of your dog healthy.


How To Select A Bone


It is hard to make a decision due to the plethora of options available. How can you make the best decision? For making the right decision, you need to learn about different types of bones.


Raw Bones


Raw bonesOffering several nutrients to your dog, raw bones take care of the health of your pet. If you cook raw bones, they lose the nutrients considerably.


Cooking makes bone dry out, break and splinter which leads to loss of nutrients. Cooked raw bones are not a good choice for your pet.


You should not give chicken bones to your dog under any circumstances. Being softer, compared to other types of bones, chicken bones may break and might easily get caught in the throat of your dog.


You have to monitor the dog while he is consuming raw bones for safety reasons.


Natural Beef Bone


Raw bones may contain germs that cause damage to your dog’s health. If you are bothered about this aspect, you can choose natural bones.


These types of bones are an excellent replacement or alternative for raw bones. The sterilization process done on the natural bones removes the germs effectively.


Rawhide Bones


Rawhide bones cannot be termed as actual bones. These products are made using other animal parts.


The inner lining of the cattle and horse skin are the raw materials used for making the rawhide bones. I would never recommend these types of bones to dog owners.


Dental Bones


Last but not the least; dental bones are exclusively designed for dental purposes. These types of products are extensively used to remove unwanted food and debris from the teeth and gum of your pet.


Milk-Bone- Brushing-Chews



If you give dental bones to your dog, you can guarantee healthy oral care. These products create a healthy massaging effect on gums and ensure fresh breath.


What to Select; Crunchy Chews or Soft Chews?


Some people cannot decide between a soft chew and crunchy chew. No matter whether your dog likes aSoft-&-Chewy crunchy snack or a soft chew; you have to pick a healthy brand.


The crunchy and soft differentiation is irrelevant to a certain extent if you buy a top-quality product from a reputed brand.


The important thing is to take your cues from the pet. This is what matters most.


The instinctive nature of dog is immensely popular among dog owners. So taking cues is not a difficult task.


You should make efforts to learn what they like and dislike. If your dog turns their nose up and goes away, you need to understand that he is not interested in what you are offering.


In such a situation, you need to experiment with something else.


Dig Deep Into The Bone World


Durable or Long-Lasting Dog Chews


One of the best choices available on the market is long-lasting dog chews. Offering a stimulating effect, these chews make chewing interesting, satisfying, and fulfilling.


The majority of the dog chews available on the market contain beef and chicken.


You don’t have to bring home something very boring and uninteresting if you want to offer your dog a healthy treat.


Today, you can come across many low-fat dog treats that taste delicious. Containing real chicken and beef, these products offer a wonderful chewing experience for your dog.


High-quality long-lasting chews do not contain any meat byproduct meal or artificial flavors. You can find these products in different flavors, sizes, and shapes.


They don’t cause any damage to the digestive system of your dog. You can offer your pet these chews with confidence because they are healthy, tasteful, and enjoyable.


Dental Chews for Dogs


Milk-Bone- Brushing-ChewsDental chews take up the role of a toothbrush. Dogs love these products because they taste like normal treats.


Containing an appreciable amount of calcium, these chews maintain the teeth health of your dog. They also strengthen bone health in general.


You don’t need to worry about any harm when you offer the dental chews to your pet daily. You can find them in twisted designs. Having nubs and ridges, these chews are available in three different sizes.


If you give dental chews daily to your pet, you can expect outstanding teeth cleaning benefits. The impact of these products is as good as brushing your dog two times a week.


The tartar buildup usually found on the dog’s teeth can be controlled effectively with the regular use of these chews.


Soft Dog Treats


Most dogs prefer soft dog treats. Offering admirable tenderness, these products offer an enjoyable experience for your dog. Real chicken, filet mignon, and beef are used to make these treats.


If your dog finds difficulty in chewing crunchy treats or hard bones, you can use soft dog treats. These products are an excellent choice for dogs who love the tenderness.


Original Dog Biscuits


If you are searching for original dog biscuits, you don’t have to search anywhere else than Milk Bone. TheMilk-Bones-Original dog biscuits offered by this brand are priceless.


This manufacturer has been operating in this industry for more than a century.


The 111-year history and track record speak volumes about the quality of the products offered.



??Milk Bone Story??



The credibility of this brand is unparalleled. Milk Bone original dog biscuits are amazingly tasteful and offer your dog a crunchy snack of exceptional quality.


You can find this product in six different sizes and several flavors.


Healthy Chews


Healthy-ChewsIf your dog doesn’t show great enthusiasm for eating food, you can choose this option.


You can use these products to supplement the normal diet of your dog.



Which Chews Are The Best Option?


Which is the best dog chew product available on the market? When deciding on the best choice, you need to be aware of some important aspects.


As mentioned earlier, natural bones offer more nutrients for your dog compared to synthetic bones. The majority of dogs would love to have a meaty bone packed with nutrients instead of choosing a synthetic option.


You can find some synthetic bones that contain nutrients. However, they cannot match the quality of nutrients that natural bones offer.


The nutrients available in synthetic bones are quite different from the nutrients available in a real natural bone.


It is a fact that possibility contamination exists with natural bones. However, the exceptional quality of natural products remains unchallenged.


Synthetic bones contain artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, and many other chemicals that might create a serious negative impact on the health of your dog.


You need to consider all these the merits and demerits of each type before making an informed buying decision.


Never Underestimate The Safety Aspect


You should never underestimate the safety aspect when it comes to choosing the right product that meets your dog’s needs. The health of your dog should always be your top priority.


You have to monitor your dog while eating bones or other types of treats. The last thing a dog owner wants to hear is the bone getting stuck in the mouth.


You must not allow your dog to choke on a treat or bone that is too large.


Make An Informed Buying Decision


If you want to make the best decision, you should learn how to choose between bones and treats. Expert opinion must be sought from your vet.


You must do your research as well. It is necessary to learn about different types of treats and bones available on the market.


When you learn about the pros and cons of different products, making the right decision becomes an easy task.


You have to look for the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) or Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval on the package.


Never buy a product that comes without the approval of these agencies because it may contain ingredients that cause damage to the health of your dog.



What treats, snacks or bones to you give your dog?  I would like to hear what you have to say. What are your thoughts on giving your dog healthy snacks, treats and bones.  You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.



All the best!


Founder/Creator:  Love A Rescue Dog  ?

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”


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4 thoughts on “Treats, Bones & Snacks Should be Healthy”

  1. I like how you suggested watching the dog’s reaction to the treats you give it to see if the treat was right for them. My dog is one of the most peculiar pets our family has ever seen, as it has never accepted most “Human food” that we’ve given it. It likes to eat the most random things, and this has me worried that it might develop a liking to something potentially unhealthy for it. With that in mind, I’ll be sure to look for a place that I can order healthy treats from so it can grow to like them and adjust accordingly.

    1. Afton,
      Hi and thank you for stopping by my website Love A Rescue Dog and commenting on my article about treats, bones and healthy snacks for your dog.
      It’s pretty healthy that your dog doesn’t like to eat human food, since most human food is not really good for your dog. Your dog will often tell you what they like and don’t like. You just need to observe their behavior when you introduce a new food or treat to them. If they like it, they are usually all over it in minutes, if not they turn and walk away. The first thing I would suggest is to select a treat that is recognized by the AAFCO. If it doesn’t have an AAFCO statement on the package, it usually isn’t as healthy as it may claim to be. The second thing I would suggest is to keep in mind your dogs’ size and breed when choosing a treat, bone or snack.
      Chewy has some of the most healthiest brands on the market in my opinion. Check out the link below and Happy Hunting for a healthy and sensible treat for your dog

      Have a great week!

  2. I really apperciate that you put “Adopt don’t shop” as part of your website. I support that as well. I have had this conversation with my vet, my wife and my kids, more so the kids when it comes to giving the dog treats. We have all done just what you recommend and let the dog tell us what it wants or can handle at different times as the dog grows older. I do like teeth cleaning bones, they do work and saved my pups from undue oral treatments,exams and extractions. There is a lot of very solid advice here that’s well written.

    1. Hi Ken!

      Thank you for visiting my page and commenting on it. I appreciate the fact that you were able to take away some good knowledge about Bones & treats. I just wanted to remind you that even though your dog may like a certain bone or treat, make so the one you ultimately choose is healthy for your dog.

      All the best to you and have a great weekend!


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