Essential Accessories for Your New Dog

Bringing your new pup home can be very exciting. You will have all these ideas of all the things you want to get him and how to make him feel at home.


There is no better way to welcome your pup home than with a shopping spree.


There are tons of cute dog accessories that seem to scream to you to buy them, especially when you remember your dog’s puppy eyes!


Of course, your dog can thrive on love, but you shouldn’t be surprised to find out they also have a mundane side. Which canine would turn down a plushy bed or a toy?


The excitement can die down very fast when you realize that these accessories can drain your pockets with the snap of your finger! How can you manage to do it all?


You can make your canine comfortable but still save a fortune by identifying essential dog accessories. You need to know what your dog needs and what they want.


Drawing the line allows you to save not only money but also the time that would spend weighing between eye-catching accessories.


We acknowledge how essential these accessories are to your dog-ownership experience. Having dog essential accessories will spare you the trouble after a long stressful day at work.


To help you make the right choices, especially for first-time dog owners, we have prepared you a comprehensive guide to some of the essential dog accessories.


In this guide, we have covered the basics of your dog’s needs and a few extras. To find out more, stay with us.


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Dog Collars


Dog collars are some of the most common dog accessories among dog owners. Going out with your dog? You will need a dog collar to prevent your pup from pulling on the lead.


Your dog will likely get excited when they go outdoors or to the pack, and the leash may rub, squeeze, or pinch your dog, leading to discomfort or even pain. 


Collars are available in different sizes, shapes, textures, and materials. Let us look at some types of dog collars.





The standard or flat collar is the most popular dog collar. It’s the safest and most advisable collar to purchase for your dog. It features a simple design that makes it best for walking dogs.


For a super active dog, you may need to introduce other methods such as training your dog not to pull on the dog leash.


Prong Collar


These collars are made of metal chain links that have rounded prongs. These prongs train your dog from pulling the lead by tightening around his neck when he pulls the lead.

Prong collars are not as brutal as they may appear.


They are a very useful safety tool for difficult to control dogs when used correctly. The only disclaimer will be not to use these collars on small or delicate dogs.


Slip Collar


Slip collars are usually a no-go zone for new dog owners unless they have been trained beforehand. These collars are commonly referred to as a “choke chain.”


Slip collars are meant to tighten when the dog starts pulling on the lead and loosen when he stops. However, some dogs can be stubborn.


The collar can cause serious injuries or even choking if the dog owner fails to regulate their dog.


Dog collars may include a name tag if the owner wishes. It can come in handy if your dog gets lost in the park or disappears on you.


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You should regularly check the tightness of your dog’s collar. If you are a puppy’s dog parent, you should pay more attention as their neck areas tend to be more sensitive.


Your canine may not find the collar comfortable at first, but you should allow time to become accustomed to the new introduction. With training, your dog will stop pulling on the leash.




Harnesses are a much gentler alternative to a dog collar. It is suitable for delicate and small dogs that would otherwise be hurt by collars.


Harnesses are meant to gently discourage your dog from pulling on the lead by directing their attention to you or steering him to the side when he pulls. What are the various types of harnesses?



Nose Leaders


These harnesses are also called the head halter. They fit around the dog’s nose, and the lead is right under the chin. The designs allow for your dog to have full control of its mouth.


The head halter may seem silly to most dog owners. The harness is designed to force a dog to turn in the direction of the leash when it pulls.


It comes in two variations: one with extra safety lead which connects to the dog’s regular collar and one which doesn’t.


Standard Harness


The standard harness is simply average. It goes around the dog’s body. It offers great control while exercising due care. It doesn’t apply any pressure to delicate areas such as the trachea.




Leashes and harnesses or collars are like a cog and a wheel. One cannot go without the other, or it will be lacking. Dog leashes keep your dog under control while you are out for a walk or just roaming about.


Any leash will get the job done. We have different types of leashes to match your style or training routine. They include:


Standard Leash


These are made from nylon and leather mostly. These leashes are strong, durable, and can stand the test of time. The feature we are crazy about with standard leashes is the lightweight nature.


Leather leashes are usually tough and can withstand abuse from your dog, such as chewing and pulling. They soften with time but can last ages.


Retractable Leashes


These leashes are also referred to as Flexi-leash. They work like a tape measure, giving you variability toRetractable-leash the length that you control. T


he leash comes from a heavy handle that you control.


You can vary the length of the leash with a stopping mechanism.


Although the leash is a great way to keep your dog in check, it may cause cuts and abrasions if your dog suddenly pulls on the leash.


A retractable leash is suitable for a dog that is very obedient to voice commands; otherwise, you may get hurt. The dog can also suffer injury or strangulation upon sudden pulling.


Chain Leash


Does your dog bite or chew on leashes? A chain leash is a great alternative for you. However, these leashes are bulky and very uncomfortable in the dog owner’s hands.


They are also heavy around the dog’s neck.




Like their human owners, dogs need beds. Gone is the day when dogs were security rather than best friends. Therefore, to ensure comfort, you will need a dog bed.


assorted-dog-bedsBeds can range from baskets with blankets laid for comfort to dog beds.


You will notice that your dog likes to snuggle right in the corner of the couch or on the carpet, where it is warm and cozy.


It would be a great idea to cuddle with your canine in bed, but dogs can be a bit too messy. There are many designs of dog beds in the market.


They come in different sizes and materials too. You should consider the size of your pup, the age, and the breed.


Some breeds will prefer lighter bedding depending on the fur thickness, while others should be kept warmer.


If you own several dogs, you should get a separate bed for each of them. You should have a bigger one for those dogs which love to share.


A good bed ensures that your dog will be active throughout the next day since they will be well-rested.


Where can you get a dog bed?


Dog beds are available in stores with sections for pets, or you can check with the vet for a vet bed. However, you do not need to spend, as you can DIY a dog bed with an old pillow, a basket, and some blankets.




Dog blankets are essential for cold nights and winter season. They are also a great addition to your Dog-under-blanketdog’s bed for added comfort.


Your choice of the blanket will depend on the breed and size of your pup. Some require more warmth than others.


Blankets can be improvised by using an old fluffy towel or piece of clothing you no longer use. You can also buy blankets from your local pet store or online.




Chew-toyThe happier your dog is, the more he will love you! Toys are one of the simple ways to make your dog burst with joy in an inexpensive way.


Just like a human child, toys will ensure to keep your best friend busy and prevent them from gnashing their teeth at your furniture and shoes and putting up all kinds of mischief.


We all know how dogs can be!  There are different varieties of toys to choose from, such as:


Plush Toys


These are soft and fuzzy toys. They are most suitable for younger dogs thanks to the soft nature, which makes them easy to play around with.


Throw Toys


Are you planning on taking your canine to the park on weekends? Throw toys such as balls and similar toys which encourage your dog to play.


These toys are essential for social development, especially for dogs who are adapting to their new home.


Interactive Toys


These are toys that challenge your dog and reward your dog. For instance, you can have a dog toy that dislodges treats once your dog has completed the task or challenge.


You can rotate the interactive toys to provide a new challenge for your dog. It is a great way to keep them busy while you work or when you are away.


Although toys are a great addition to your dog’s daily routine, they can also pause as a hazard. To ensure your dog is always safe, pay attention to the following:


    • Ensure that no parts of the toys are removable as your dog may choke on it while playing.
    • The toys should be big enough, or your dog may swallow it.
    • The toy should be made from non-toxic and safe material since it will be in your pup’s mouth most of the time.
    • Avoid toys that are stuffed using beans or Styrofoam.


It is also important to have a place to store all your dogs toys, so that there isn’t clutter all around your house.


You should have a bin of some sort for this particular situation. You wouldn’t want guests tripping over your dogs toys.


Dog Bowls


If you do not want your dog to be lapping from your plates and floors, you should get a dog bowl. It is one of the essential dog accessories that is a must-have for every responsible dog parent.


A dog bowl can be used to serve food and water for your dog. There should always be water in your dog’s bowl. Water is life, after all!


There are different makes of dog bowls to choose from, and each of them is important. Plastic bowls are usually not an ideal choice for most dogs.


They are the cheapest, however. Stainless steel is a better option as they are safe. They are also economical and very durable.


Finally, we have a ceramic option. These are the most expensive but attractive dog bowls. They are excellent for adding some personality to your dog’s bowl.


Poop Bags & Potty Pads


Poop-bagsDogs are great best friends, but they are not the tidiest animals. Poop bags come in handy to make your job simpler.


You should always ensure to get extra poop bags, especially when taking your best friend to the park.


Rest assured that you will be collecting loads of poop if you fail to carry poop bags.


If you are a conservative, bio-degradable poop bags have been made available for you. You can also find airtight washable containers if poop bags don’t sound appealing to you.




Doggie lawns are a wonderful way to train your dog when you are not home to take them for a walk. It is also a great way to keep you house clean.




It can get cold at night or during winter. As you pick out warm woolen sweaters and boots for yourself, remember to show love for your best friend.


Dog clothes protect your pup from harsh elements of weather and from getting injured.



You can choose your dog’s clothes based on the trends and your tastes.


Also, your dog can communicate what they like. Visit a pet store with your canine.


If you notice them stare at clothes or get excited and jumpy, it may be an indication that they like it.


Happy Dog! Happy Life!


When you make up your mind to own a dog, you should be ready to do all it takes to ensure they are Happy-dogcomfortable, healthy, and safe.


Taking care of your dog requires not only time and effort, but also having the essential dog accessories at hand.


With the essential dog accessories, we have discussed above, nothing can hold you back now. Aren’t you ready for a shopping spree with your canine.



I would really like to hear your thoughts on Essential Accessories for Your Dog.  You can leave your comments, thoughts and questions is the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best!


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