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What Will Become of Pandemic Pets?

If you tried getting a pet during the pandemic, you would notice a high surge in prices. But why did this happen?

It is simple. Demand and supply, just the opposite as Supply and Demand.

The truth is people started adopting pets massively around the world since the first lockdown due to the pandemic and it is clear that this became a global pattern.

It all makes sense.

People had a lot more time on their hands, they were forced to stay at home, and yet in some countries, you could only go out once a day for a run or an exercise in the park, to walk a dog, or to do your shopping.

And if you are wondering is there more to pandemic pets, who are they, and what is going to happen after the pandemic to them – keep on reading!

Who are Pandemic Pets?

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Pandemic pets are considered to be all pets that were adopted or purchased during the pandemic, mostly due to the lockdown.

They are also the solution people turned to for comfort during the pandemic, lockdown, restrictions, and stressful living situations.

Therefore, if you have purchased a pet during the pandemic, your pet is officially known as the “pandemic pet”.

But is there more to it and where did this name come from? That is what you will find out in the next section!

Why Did Everyone Get a Pet During the Pandemic?


woman kissing white dog There are a couple of obvious reasons. The most known reasons are plenty of free time, comfort requirements, and different lifestyles where people can provide more for pets than they did before.

In some states and countries, daily activities were restricted, and you could only go out if you were either exercising, walking your dog, or getting your shopping done.

Therefore, pets seemed like a great idea to many owners because they knew that they could take care of them with all the free time on their hands.

Also, many people were still financially stable so not everyone adopted a pet, yet some purchased them.

Some people ended up getting pets for themselves, while others with families decided to make things easier for kids.

One thing is for sure, pets did really help people cope during the unpredictable moments of the pandemic that is still going on.

While the idea of adopting a pet during the pandemic definitely made sense, many are worried about what will happen to these pets after the pandemic ends.

The Outcome of Massive Pet Adoption

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The biggest and the most noticeable outcome of the massive pet adoption during the pandemic was the rise in the price of most pets.

People ended up purchasing pets, as much as people who adopted the pets so with such high demand, the price went up due to the simple rule of supply and demand.

However, the biggest issue many people fear is that after the pandemic ends, these pets will not be as cared for as they were during the pandemic, many will find it difficult getting back to regular life while owning a pet, and many might even try to or might have to get rid of the pet due to the change in life circumstances.

Of course, this might not happen to every pandemic pet, but it is definitely a strong possibility that is predicted for an actually high percentage of pandemic pets.

Statistics show that one out of ten adults got a “pandemic pet” which just shows how many “pandemic pets” are out there.

Now when you consider that not people will have it easy after the pandemic ends, routines might change and before you know it, the same pets who helped the owners during the harsh times might become a second plan or even worse yet, abandoned.

Benefits of Owning a Pet During the Pandemic

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Having too much time on your hands, not being able to go anywhere you would like, and not being able to interact with others as easily as ever before did definitely have an impact on many people.

Pets were definitely one of the best options out there since they can provide companionship, emotional support, and even a sense of security which is exactly what many adults and kids needed during the unknown pandemic times.

In fact, surveys say tell that owners claim pets have helped them feel a sense of purpose even when they were not able to leave their home due to safety reasons and even have more self-compassion.

On top of that, pandemic pets helped owners reduce the depression and anxiety symptoms which were a result of the unknown or harder living situations.

The same regular benefits of owning a pet definitely apply and yet are enhanced since owners were fairly limited in the things they can do outside their home.

Pet ownership did definitely teach many new owners valuable life skills, while it proved to also be a greater physical and psychological wellbeing for the owners.

The reason pandemic pets helped the owners so much were because of the routine and the new responsibility these owners got with the pet.

These responsibilities such as feeding, playing, walking at certain times of the day definitely helped owners feel the sense of purpose, occupy their mind, and stay happy in the most unpredictable times.

Reduced fear and anxiety were indirect benefits of these routines, so while owners were only thinking of getting a pet, they have actually got all these great benefits about which they did not even think.

What Will Become of Pandemic Pets?

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Many are worried that once the pandemic is over, people who got “pandemic pets” might not be able to take care of them as much as they did before.

Therefore, it is the pets that deserve to receive the same type of treatment, especially after helping out their owners throughout the pandemic.

While some speculate that many pandemic pets will be surrendered, others say that pandemic pets have changed the lives of many and that they will not be forgotten.

However, the biggest issue is the change in the routine and everyday life of these owners.

Without so much time on their hands, they will have to find a way to keep up with their pets and provide them the attention they need.

On the positive side, the length of the pandemic means that the pets are a lot older and are not as demanding as they were when they were little.

With this in mind, people believe that pandemic pets will not be surrendered, forgotten, or a problem to people after everything they did for the owners.

The real issue that is definitely still happening is that some families still need help and if they have a pet, this means that the pandemic might not be over for them, which can be a bigger issue.

How to Live With Your Pet After the Pandemic

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Pets that were young during the pandemic got used to the “pandemic lifestyle”.

This means that the pets might be overly attached to their owners, love all the time the owners gave them, and are used to this type of routine.

However, after the pandemic ends (and it is currently ending in some countries), everyone will have to get back to a different lifestyle that includes being away from home a lot more often than during the pandemic.

This means that the pets will have to adjust too to the post-pandemic life where they cannot get your 24/7 attention, will have to share your home with guests, and will have to get used to socializing.

The best thing you can do is to start prepping your pet even during the pandemic. You should not wait to go to work to start making changes in their routine as this might be the harder way.

Instead, try introducing new routines gradually that will closely represent the post-pandemic life for them.

Ensuring that your pet is active when you are around also a good thing to do so they get the sense of resting and sleeping in their free time which they will have when you leave for work.

When you finally have to step out of the home for more than just a couple of hours, you should find something your pet can do.

Leaving your home low-key is also another idea, and it is always a good idea to distract them with their favorite toy or give them a treat, so they have something to do.

Of course, you should not leave your pets for too long at first. Start small and look for signs of stress when you come back.

There is no way to go about it, but you will have to see what works the best for your pet.

The Bottom Line Is…

Pandemic has not been easy on any of us and if you have found comfort in a little furry animal, you must be in love with it by now.

However, you should start preparing your pet for the change in the lifestyle that will represent the life after the pandemic for both you and your pet.

Did you get a pandemic pet? What is your favorite thing about your pet and how do you think their life will change after the pandemic?

I would love to hear your take on what will happen to pandemic pets once the pandemic is over. You may share your comments and questions below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator: Love A Rescue Dog ?

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”


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