Donate to Rescue Organizations and Shelters

If you’ve been thinking of getting a dog – there is a high chance that you’ve visited your local dog shelter to see if you can help out a dog in trouble and save him from staying in the shelter by giving him a new family.


But here is the thing. Not many people really think of the shelters and their operations. The truth to be told – they are overcrowded and often do not have a strong financial help.


Most dog shelters and dog rescue organizations are struggling and that is why they need us to step up and help as much as we can.


Wondering why you should donate to rescue organizations and shelters? Keep on reading to find out!


What is the Difference Between Rescue Organizations and Dog Shelters?


Most people think that dog shelters, rescue organizations, and even dog sanctuaries are the same thing.


However, they are 3 completely different things. But what is the difference? They are all helping dogs – but in a couple of different ways.


Dog shelters take in the dogs and take care of them while they are doing their best to help and find individuals or families that would adopt the dog.



Rescue organizations rescue dogs and they put them up for fostering or adoption, yet they are not funded by the government.


And lastly, dog sanctuary is there to take care of dogs that are unadoptable and yet still have the capability to live their life to the fullest.


Also, there are many differences in the way they operate (mostly depends on the location) and there is also a difference in the way they are funded.


But even though there is a difference in the way they help dogs – the most important fact is that they are all helping dogs equally and such diversification is really useful.


Why Should You Donate and What to Donate?


Even though there are 3 main different organizations that help dogs – they are most likely facing the same issue of insufficient funding.


Dog shelters are being overcrowded, rescue organizations are depending on the donations, and dog dog-under-white-blanketsanctuaries are having a hard time keeping up with the costs of the dog’s needs.


However, if we all got together and helped by chipping in as little or as much as we can – we would be looking at a different story.


But what should you donate? Even though financial donations are the most common type of donation – monetary contributions are not the only way you can help.


You can help in any way possible so you can be as creative as possible. Even if you can provide a bag of dog food a week (or a month), you are still doing a great job and are equally helping as the next person.


But what do you get from donating?


You will not only be helping the dogs that are stuck in the shelters and are waiting to be adopted, but you are also helping the organizations that are taking the required action and their employers.


As I have mentioned earlier, not every shelter or a rescue organization is working in the same way – but most of them are facing the same issues.



On the bright side, these issues are not unsolvable and that is why it is important to spread the message!


Even the Little Things Matter


As we all know – help is always appreciated. Even if you did not have any means to help financially or through purchasing products for dogs – you can still help. How?


If you have at least a couple of extra hours on your hands per week, you can help to walk the dog and give them a much-needed exercise.


This will help cover activities/exercise for the staff so they can use their time efficiently on other tasks.


However, if you have a bit more time on your hands – you can always volunteer.


Believe me – shelters can always use another set of hands so you should never hesitate to pop in the shelter and seeing how you can help them out by coming in on certain days.


If you own a car, going shopping or picking things up for the shelter is another way you can help.


Even if you do the smallest thing, if all of us contributed in at least one of the ways I have described here – we would be improving the whole organization and we would eventually take it to another level.


The Big Picture


It is all about the big picture. Are you doubting or wondering why is all the help important?


The mission is to help dogs. As I always say – dogs are ready to do anything for us and even give their lives if it comes down to that.


And the least we can do for dogs is to protect them and take care of them when they need us the most.


We already have organizations, shelters, and groups set in place to help dogs in all ways possible. However, the last missing piece of the puzzle is often the money.



If you’re a dog lover, passionate dog owner, or someone who generally loves helping for a good cause – working with dogs, taking care of them, helping the organizations in any way possible, and doing your best to keep things progressing smoothly, you’re doing much more than you think.


Even though it might seem simple – if we all did help in any way we can, there would be a place in a shelter for every dog out there without the threat of being put to sleep if no one adopts them.




We should not differ dogs by their breed, skills, or personality yet we should do our best to help every dog out there.


Some dogs really need our help and even though there are shelters in a place whose main purpose is to help these dogs – they are oftentimes struggling.


This is nothing new, but if we spread the good word and we do even the smallest thing we can to help out – we would be changing the whole picture for the better.


And if you ever doubt whether this is important or if that is exactly what we need to do – think of the dogs that would do anything for you in return for love and caring home.


Did you ever help your local dog shelter? What are some ways you can help out a shelter other than financial help?


I would like to hear your thoughts on donating to rescue organizations and shelters. You may leave your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator: Love A Rescue Dog ?

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”


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1 thought on “Donate to Rescue Organizations and Shelters”

  1. Please help our beautiful dog Tekiah–
    He is 3.5 and we have had him since he was 9mths. He is such a love with people and other pets. He hates bicyclists and we live in a neighborhood full of outdoor recreation. He is fine on a leash but he is an escape artist and got out and bit a bicyclist. We just can’t in good conscience keep him. We are dog lovers, have always had dogs and trained them well. He just must have had some sort of history that he just can’t get past. He cannot stay in a crate as he will make himself sick and bite thru metal. We have tried everything including meds and training. We need to rehome him and it is so hard to find a place that will take him. What do we do??? We are crying everyday.

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