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Have you heard of a store that has just about everything you’ll need for any type of pet?  One that even has Pet in it’s name?  Well, I have and it’s name is Petco.  You know the best thing about Petco?  It has an affiliate program as well as and online store where you can shop from the comfort of your home.


Want to know more?  Well, I am about to give you the low-down so you can make informed decisions about shopping for pet supplies and food, and let you in on opportunities to earn income as well.


Specialized pet stores aren’t always the “overpriced” way of selling products you might not be able to find elsewhere.  They’re actually really helpful for pet owners with specific digestive needs, grooming needs, and others.


If you’ve had experience with Petco, you could’ve noticed their pleasant customer service, a wide range of products, and the simplicity of doing business with Petco.


Even though Petco is a very well known company – not many customers know that they offer an affiliate program that anyone can join!


You’ve heard it right! Keep on reading to find more about it in our review post of the Petco affiliate program.


About Petco


Petco has been providing supplies, products, services, and even certain types of live animals for a couple of years now.


Even though they’re a pretty new company, their online presence brought them a lot of customers. But it’s not only their online presence but the simplicity they provide to pet owners.


Review Details


Name: PetcoPetco-logo


Owners: Ron Coughlin

Price: It’s free to become a Petco affiliate

Overall Rank: 4.7 out of 5

Company Details


Whatever it is you’re looking for, chances are that Petco has it. They include products and supplies for:


  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Fishes
  • Small pets
  • Reptiles
  • Birds


This includes everything from food, supplies, treats, but even pharmaceutical products. What most customers love is that Petco also sells live animals so even if you are looking for a new pet – guess who has it?


Yes, that’s right – Petco has it. They have everything from dogs, cats, fishes, small pets, to reptiles, and even birds.


For a pretty new company, we think that Petco is expanding at a great rate without sacrificing the quality of their service or limiting the quantity or range of products & services they offer.


Another interesting thing about Petco is that they even offer local services – even during the pandemic situation with a very wise approach, a curbside pickup.




Petco is becoming a go-to place for finding everything related to pets at a great price and the number of customers is constantly increasing.


However, not many customers know about Petco’s affiliate program. Petco has their own affiliate program that anyone can join, and once you join, you can help promote their brand & the products they sell in return for a commission.


This way, you won’t be Petco employee, but you will be considered as a Petco partner and you will be able to earn a commission on sales you help Petco make.


How cool is that, right? The best thing is that you can do it from anywhere and you aren’t tied down with the regular employee policies.


Keep on reading to find more about Petco’s affiliate program, but also their relationship with their affiliates and what can you expect if you join!


Petco Tools & Training


Joining Petco’s affiliate program is free and you will get all the needed tools to start promoting any products (or services) available at Petco.


Petco sends regular newsletters to their affiliates to help them informed on Petco’s products and services, but they also help their affiliates find new ways to promote Petco to increase their affiliates’ sales.


Along with the updates, Petco also provides quick introductory training to help you understand how their affiliate program works, what can you achieve as their affiliate.


Petco’s affiliate program offers a 4% commission rate which is decent when you consider the number of products they offer. No matter who you refer to Petco, the chances are high that they’ll find something for their pet. And even if they don’t have a pet – they could purchase one from Petco, and we think that’s pretty awesome.



We were pleasantly surprised by the cookie length. Usually, affiliate programs offer a day or two of cookie length, but Petco provides a 7-day cookie length. This means that you will get commission even if someone makes a purchase up to 7 days from clicking your link.


Petco Support


Petco’s affiliate program seems really solid and it’s pretty great for all pet lovers. But how great is their support?


All customers can experience pleasant customer service, but when it comes down to Petco’s affiliate program – the high standard is well kept.


Petco has a very well written FAQ section that can help new affiliates, they have an introductory training, and for any additional inquiries or help, they have an open line you can reach out to them via email.




They also have their own affiliate terms and conditions document you can give a read to really find the specifics you might be wondering about.


Overall, we think that you’ll love being Petco’s affiliate.


Product Price


Petco’s affiliate program is free to join, and almost anyone can join.


When it comes down to the pricing of their products – the prices vary on the type of product since Petco deals with so many pet categories.


Therefore, you can find anything from only a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars – depending on the product or service.


However, we believe that Petco is relatively well priced in comparison to the generic brands you can purchase from local chain stores, and yet in some cases, it’s a lot cheaper than local pet stores.


Summary and Final Opinion


Petco is increasing in its size, customers are pleased with the range of products and services provided by Petco, and we think that Petco affiliates love it as well.  Why?


Because it’s far easier to promote a helpful service (in this situation, a go-to place as a pet owner) that offers almost everything a pet owner would require.  ??Two thumbs up on Petco.




Even though the company is fairly new, we believe that their affiliate program is legit and that it’s straight forward so that the affiliates won’t have any problems joining or earning commission for referring customers to Petco.


If you’ve ever bought anything from Petco, you can also earn extra income by becoming a affiliate partner. 


We would like to know what you think about our review of, so please feel free to leave us your thoughts and questions in the comment section below and we will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Love A Rescue Dog ?

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”



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