Dog Gates, Crates and Exercise Pens

Have you ever pondered what type of gate, crate or pen your dog requires? How do you make a decision to choose any of these for your dog? Want to know how to make an informed decision when it comes to the safety of your dog?  Keep reading and you will find out all you need to know!


Dog Gates



These are essentially metal door ways which keep dogs confined to an area of the house where they can’t go where they are not allowed, get themselves into mischief or even serious danger.


It could also be to keep them from shedding in every room of the house or possibly damaging furniture.  Whatever the reason, they are necessary for the safety and welcome being of you’re dog. Dogs don’t understand that it is for their own safety that we use these products.


They are easily assembled and can be installed between room openings, at the top or bottom of stairways and at exit doors of your house.


If we choose to give our dogs a little freedom but prefer to keep them out of a specific area, a dog gate is a smart choice.


Dog Crates


A crate is used as a containment and training device. There are different types of crates available today that can be used to keep dogs safely out of trouble and train them to know where they are to sleep.  This should be considered their indoor dog house and never used to punish a dog.


Crate-smallSome crates also are used to transport dogs safely in vehicles. They also are effectively their bed in the house, as I mentioned above. A crate also prevents dogs from running out an open door, or getting into things they shouldn’t be into.



A crate, or kennel, as it is referred to, keeps us confined to a specific place.  If a dog is well trained, it will know exactly when it is time for them to be in their crate.


Dog Pens


A dog pen is another smart choice. They come in many different configurations!  You can check out these here:  pens in different styles, designs, and shapes.


pen-smallSomething that I like about them is that they can be extended to serve as exercise areas. They can serve as a temporary fence in the backyard or an open porch or deck.  They can also be place on the patio, so when you are outdoors, your dog can be too.  Dog pens offer more area and your dog will feel less confined.


Want to know the best thing about pens?  Keep reading and you discover what I think is an ideal situation for your dog!


More About the Different Types of Dog Gates


Pressure – Mounted Dog Gates


If you have a dog, I am sure you are aware that there are several types of dog gates on the market these days.  The most popular choices are pressure-mounted gates, fixed gates, and free-standing gates.  The reason for this is that the are the easiest to assemble, install, store away and maintain.


A pressure-mounted gate is a quick and simple solution that does not require any hardware or special tools to set up, which is a good option when it comes to dogs trying to squeeze through tight spaces.


More difficult, angled openings can be blocked off with a hardware-mounted gate. As the name implies, it uses screws and sometimes mounting hardware to install.  This is the most effective way, if you are not concerned about the hardware damaging walls or wood-work in your home.


Free – Standing Gates


A free-standing gate is an effective option for small to mid-sized dogs. This type of gate is highly portable and easy to operate.




If walls in the home or apartment don’t support pressure or the desire is to have a gate to span a wide entrance, then a free-standing gate is the perfect choice!


Hardware-Mounted Gates


If you do not want to deal with picking up a knocked over gate all day long, then a hardware-mounted gate is the best choice. It can be mounted to a solid door frame with the hardware and just using basic tools.  This is a good option for the top or bottom of the stairway, as mentioned earlier, but brings up the concern again about the hardware damaging walls and wood-work.


Selecting a Dog Gate


There are many more styles to choose from concerning dog gates, to include extra wide or tall dog gates, outdoor dog gates, adjustable tension gates, temporary gates, hinged dog gates, expansion gates, and many more.  It all depends upon what is needed, and this should be determined before making a purchase!


Your personal taste is also a determining factor since there is a wide range of styles to choose from.  These range from modern designs in tubular steel to vintage design using handcrafted wood coated with special hand-rubbed finishes.


No matter what type of dog gate chosen, you should assure that it is sturdily made, flexible and, most important safeIt shouldn’t be flimsy where it can be easily knocked over by an overly active dog.


Different Styles of Dog Crates


Dog crates are made using many different materials to include metals, fabrics, wires, or plastics and have a door through which dogs can enter and exit safely.


Many options are available, but the most common are hard plastic dog crates, metal wire crates, soft-sided crates, heavy-duty crates, decorative crates, wooden crates and there are even combination crates for dogs.


Some Things to Consider when Choosing a Dog Crate


We all need to be cognizant of a few important aspects before purchasing a crate for dogs. The size, purpose, material construction, design, and location of the crate should be taken into account.  Keep in mind that dog crates aren’t typically appealing to look at.


Nevertheless, you can always find some very stylish choices to suit your tastes and needs that are affordable.  Also, please remember that the size of the crate chosen should be big enough to provide enough room for us dogs to freely move about—not cramped and uncomfortable!


A good rule of thumb to go by is to notice that when we sit up straight in the crate, we should be able to do so without banging their heads on the ceiling—OUCH! A perfect-sized crate easily allows dogs to turn around and lay down on their sides with their paws stretched out. You certainly don’t want them to feel cramped!


If your are purchasing a crate for a puppy, you can opt for the size suitable for an adult dog to attend to its future size requirements, to avoid spending money on purchasing a larger one as the puppy grows.


An idea to avoid worry is to purchase removable dividers for the crate.  These can be constructed of different materials: wooden or cardboard panels, or removable wire mesh.


Different Types of Dog Pens


The pens mentioned earlier may not necessarily be a ‘must-have’ item compared to a crate and other dog accessories, but a dog owner should keep in mind that, if their budget allows, pens are beneficial to have for a variety of reasons!


Pens can be used for safely containing dogs, and they allow for more space than crates do!  Dogs can play and move around a lot easier!


Many pens consist of connecting panels that are used if needed and folded up when the pen is stored, and just like crates and gates, dog pens can also vary in sizes, shapes, styles, designs, and materials commensurate to the size of the dog!


There are many popular versions available to choose from.  They can be IRIS plastic dog playpens, metal exercise pens, cloth and mesh-covered pens.  They can be zippered portable playpens, heavy-duty metal dog pens.  They can even be indoor-outdoor pet yards, wire dog exercise pens, and two-door soft dog exercise pens.


I could go on and on!


Some of these pens even come with mats on the bottom, but there are other less expensive ones that sit directly on the ground or floor.


Why Do Dogs Need An Exercise Pen?


Exercise pens are more portable compared to a crate, and can be used in lieu of a crate or as an enhancement to the restricted lounging or sleeping space when used in conjunction with a crate.


Many dog owners would like to get dogs more accustomed to outdoor activities without allowing them to run everywhere. If you love your fur friend dearly, as I do, then you should seriously consider buying a dog exercise pen.




Moreover, there are other situations where dog pens are extremely handy.  One is a multiple dog situation.  Another is using it to provide a safe environment to recover from injuries, or allowing dogs to have a relaxing place to dry off after a bath.


Tips for Buying a Suitable Dog Pen, Crate or Gate


Dog owners have a lot of decisions to make when purchasing dog exercise pens, crates and gates.  One important thing to consider is the dog’s breed and unique needs. Durability and safety should be taken into consideration when you’re choosing the material these items are constructed of.  A prudent consideration is items constructed of heavy-duty molded-plastics for high longevity.


Leading manufacturers try to harmoniously combine different materials, knowing that future dog owners have to buy a playpen, crate, or gate that fits within their budgetary constraints. Other important factors are the size, portability and design of each of these items as well.


When All is Said and Done


The size and age of  your dog needs to be assessed before making a buying decision. There are specialized products exclusively designed for differences in activity level, age, and size!


If you consider all these aspects carefully, you can buy a perfect pen, gate, or crate that fits your exact needs and your dogs.


When buying dog gates, crates, and exercise pens, you must always check whether they can jump over them or escape. Some research about the different types of products available today is critical before making a purchase decision.


Requirements should be a top priority. Various aspects like the dog breed and size, exact purpose for use, material construction, design, and location must also be taken into consideration before selecting a suitable product.


True owners love the idea of offering complete freedom for their dogs. Unfortunately, for either convenience or safety; dogs need to be contained sometimes. Dog gates, crates and exercise pens are the fast, practical and easy solution.



I would like hear what you about dog gates, crates and pens. Do you use them? Which does your dog prefer? You may share your questions and comments with me in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Love A Rescue Dog ?



“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”



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