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Choose Paw for Your Four Pawed Friend

Shopping in a local chain supermarket is convenient, but with so many products in there, the choice can still be pretty limited, especially when it comes down to pet products.

On the other hand, prices are not incredibly low either so you might find yourself overpaying for something while you can get something even better if you were to shop online.

Of course, it takes a bit of energy and effort to get into the world of online shopping, but once you do, it is a smooth ride from there.

And if that is what you have been trying to do, the first thing you did was find a quality store that will not let you down.

If you have heard about, you are in the right place in this review.

You will learn everything about the Paw store, how it works, what to expect, and everything you can get there.

You will never have to be limited by the selection available in the pet sections of local supermarkets.

About is one of the largest online retailers in the pet industry where you can find some of the best supplies, accessories, and other high-quality products for very affordable prices.

Of course, the online part is what is most known for, but they even have local stores all over the United States.

Their philosophy is that pets are our family and that is how we should treat them.

After seeing plenty of unfunctional and attractive dog products, was on a mission to do something about it.

Not only does design accessories and products for pets, but they are also doing their best to ensure their products fit well into the interior of any home.

Therefore, the logic behind is simple. All products they create are the products they would recommend to their family and friends so you can only expect the best of the best.

Review Details

Name: blue and white logo
Owners: Dave and his dog Marlie
Price: Various
Overall Rank: 4.8 out of 5.0 Review is often considered not only the best place to shop for great deals for your pets, but it is also an all-in-one store that combines fashion with pet convenience.

Needless to say, you will have a tough time trying to find them elsewhere as they are exclusively designed and crafted by

While you might not even have to spend a lot more money at, you will have plenty more options to choose from.

All of the products you can find at Paw are about combining style and comfort without a high price tag.

Therefore, some of the most popular pet products you can find at include:

  • Pet beds
  • In-home accessories
  • Travel accessories
  • Bundles for all occasions and needs

Pet beds are their most known product and yet each pet bed is not only comfortable but can last long since it is easy to clean, comes with replaceable covers, is made from orthopaedic memory foam, and is water & odor resistant.

To prove the quality of their products, stands behind their pet bed products by supplying a lifetime no flat foam guarantee for every pet bed they sell.

All designs are original, and it will be hard to find exactly the same, or even a similar product that will be of the same quality, be attractive and sell so affordably.

By browsing some of their most popular products, you can get the idea of the effort puts into the production of their products.

However, not only do they care about their products and the dogs who will be using them, but they also care about the dog owners.

With that being said, has a “Treat Blog” where dog lovers and owners can learn new things, spend their free time relaxing, and enjoy some pet content at any time.

They share some really great advice through their blog posts on all topics you can imagine, and you can even subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest news, information, discounts, and product release updates.

This is super useful during holiday seasons since Paw tends to offer up to 90% off deals which is something you should not miss!

Posts on their blog such as pet-friendly Thanksgiving recipes, pet-proofing a Christmas tree, and even reasons to be thankful for our pets can turn a difficult day into a good day and make you feel positive and fulfilled. New Arrivals

While you can browse categories to find specific products you might need, if you are just browsing and you are not sure exactly what you would like to get, the New Arrivals section is the go-to place.

In this section, you will be able to find out the newest arrivals to the store, which will also be the products you might never have seen elsewhere, even in’s regular shoppers’ homes.

New arrivals are not only the latest products, but they are also immediately discounted for a certain time.

You won’t have to worry about sizes or colors as they’ll be fully in stock, and you’ll be able to get them with only a couple of clicks.

The products are also well categorized so even if you are looking for something specific, you can still instantly search it through categories such as various blanket types, various bed types, or by browsing all new arrivals.

Paw’s most common new arrivals include blankets and beds.

white plush waterproof blanket

They come in all sizes, all materials, and all colors so they will not only match your home’s interior or furniture, but they will also be super comfortable for your pets.

Blankets are made of high-quality fiber which will protect your furniture, no matter how big your dogs are, or how sharp your cat’s claws are.

When it comes down to beds, you can expect to find memory foam beds that will make you jealous that your pets get to sleep so comfortable, that you will have to get a full-sized memory foam for yourself.

Interestingly enough, you would never tell that some of the funniest-looking beds are dog beds since they look like a fun rug, and you would not be able to tell they are made from memory foam.

Some of the cutest pet beds include basketball and soccer ball shaped beds that are also orthopaedic dogs at the same time.

Of course, there are many other shapes and sizes so you can not only find something your dog will like, but also something you will like.

And after the New Arrival section, there tends to be an occasional section for even greater discounts, for example, Black Friday Deals so you should check on those occasions.

They tend to discount some of their products up to 90% which is a deal you should not miss!

And since they release new products often, older products tend to sell out quickly with such discounts.

Support has excellent support that you can easily reach them via the telephone.

They also provide support via email if you prefer this way to reach out with any questions or issues.

However, if you have simple questions that might be answered quickly, you can check out Paw’s contact page where they have answered frequently asked questions.

Paw even has a corporate location pointed out that you can visit or reach out to if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

The customer service via the telephone has working hours set and as long as you follow these, you will be able to get help in minutes only.


Paw’s product prices range anywhere from around a hundred dollars to a couple of hundreds of dollars.

It all depends on the type of product you are looking for, style, material, and a couple of other factors.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that all of the products are made with quality in mind so you and your pet will have them in your household for a long time, even if it is only a blanket.

In comparison to Paw’s competitors, the prices are slightly higher, yet the products are much better, you get a better range of products and a lot better quality.


Paw is an excellent company that combines fashion, style, comfort, and convenience by wisely crafting products for pets, but also products that pet owners will love as well.

With that being said, Paw hardly has any competition in the terms of the unique combination they provide, but also in terms of the quality of their products.

Even though some products might seem pricey, they are made with quality in mind, and when you realize that you even get a lifetime warranty on most pet beds, the prices are well justified.

And if you can catch one of the impressive deals Paw often provides, you will never have to worry about the price tag, yet you will love how impressive their products are.

Of course, it is guaranteed your pets will love it and it is up to you to make the final choice on the products you will love to have inside your home.


What do you like the most about Paw? Did you ever shop anything from Paw? I would like to hear what you think, so don’t forget to leave comments and questions in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


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4 thoughts on “Choose Paw for Your Four Pawed Friend”

  1. I haven’t heard about Paw before, but I have been looking for dog beds for a long time and none seemed to look like they would last long. The blanket I saw in the picture looks amazing and I would love to have that for my dogs and cat. I can tell that it’s good quality and long-lasting.
    I also love that Dave and his dog Marlie are the owners of the company 🙂
    Do they deliver internationally?

    1. Christine,
      While Paw has quality products, they do not offer international delivery. Sorry about that! Maybe someone you know in the US can ship products to you.
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments of my company review.

      Happy New Year!

  2. This is a really informative and insightful review. The brand and their products that you have discussed in this review do look very solid and super practical and I love the designs and colors.

    I happened to check out the site, and I must say, I love the beautiful designs and colors of their offerings.
    I’ll share the site with a few of my dog lovers and owner friends.

    That their quality pet bed products come with a lifetime warranty as well makes it even more attracting.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work, Barbara.

    1. Hi Femi,
      Thank you once again for your wonderful comments on my review of
      I would sincerely like to thank you for sharing their site with your dog lover and owner friends. Thank you for acknowledging the quality of their products.

      Happy New Year!

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