Doggie Soccer with Plush Sport Ball

Back again with you, to let you in on a great toy for your dogs to play with in the backyard or even in the house.  Have you ever heard about the Plush Sport Ball-Soccer Ball? 


It sounds like it could provide endless hours of fun for your dog(s), so let’s check it out and see!


I first discovered these wonderful toys when I was online shopping for Heartgard and flea and tick medicine for Chance from none other than the go-to-place for pets – PetCareRx.  


Chance plays with toys I purchased for him all the time.  Besides napping, he can play with these toys for hours!


What is one of the best ways to reward a dog? Other than a dog treat – toys are as loved as treats.


How many dog toys do you have in your home? You probably can’t count them, right? That’s okay! This just shows how much we love to get spoiled.  But one thing is for sure. Dogs can’t have too many toys, right?


Even though dogs may have their favorites – it’s always great when they get treated with new toys. You never know which one they might end up liking!


I have found a perfect place to shop for a wide range of toys, and that’s what you’ll find out about in this post, so keep on reading!


Product Description


Remember when I mentioned the perfect place to shop for dog toys? The place I’m talking about is PetCareRx. They are not just about our medications!


One of the toys that especially caught my attention is the plush sport ball. Dogs love characters, they love to engage with interactive toys – but one thing almost any dog loves is a good ball!


Review Details


Product Name: Plush sport ball – Soccer BallSoccer-ball

Available At:

Store Owner: Blake Brossman

Product Price: $3.97 – currently on a discount!

Overall Rank: 4.7 out of 5.0


About Plush Sport Ball – Soccer Ball


I feel like that there’s no dog that doesn’t like a soccer ball, right? No matter how many toys they have or what their favorite one is – when they see a ball, they start running.


Do you agree or that’s just how dogs behave?


Regardless of the answer, I think that this plush sport soccer ball will catch your attention, just like it did for me.


It’s very soft since it’s based on a soft plush construction, yet it features a realistic design. It really looks like a soccer ball that humans would play with, doesn’t it?


But here’s the surprise for us your dogs.


Once you squeeze the ball, it activates the sound! There’s an integrated squeaker that will provide many hours of fun, just like the ball itself.


I believe that such a combination is a great way to keep dogs entertained. Even though this toy is listed under “chew toys” and not in the “interactive toys” section – I still believe that this is a great toy that combines both and has a 2-in-1 purpose.


It’s not even 5″ big, it’s precisely 4.5″ big which is a wise choice by the manufacturer. Why?


Because the size makes it ideal for almost all dog sizes. From the smallest puppies to the biggest dogs. Of course, bigger dogs will be able to carry the ball and even chew it – but that’s just one great benefit of this toy.


Maybe it would be fun to see this ball in a wide range of sizes – but I am pretty happy with the correct choice of one size.


I’ve even noticed that some dog trainers use this ball to stray dogs away from biting kids’ soccer balls and focus on their soccer ball toy instead.


How convenient is that, right?


Product Support


It’s a pretty simple product so there isn’t a lot of support for it. However, manufacturers recommend replacing it if it gets damaged.


The reason for this is the internal squeaker. It can be a choking hazard. Therefore, we highly recommend checking the condition of this toy from time to time so you can prevent the hazard.


But we are really happy we’ve found this toy at PetCareRx.





Because I noticed that this store only features quality products. Also, it has a wide range of products, and even offers free shipping on orders over $48.


Toys are very affordable and are reasonably priced, but believe me – you’ll end up with a cart full of awesome toys!


PetCareRx is probably the biggest online retailer that has the most toys available for purchase at any time.


With this being said, you won’t have issues finding toys in the following categories:


  • Balls & fetching toysDog-toys
  • Rope, tugs & interactive toys
  • Chew toys
  • Plush toys


Product Price


Can you guess how much this great toy costs?


It costs only $3.97! That’s crazy, right?


But here’s the best part. If you use the PetCareRx discount code available on their website – you can get the Plush sport soccer ball toy for only $2.98.



What’s funny is that you might have to pay more for shipping than for the toy itself.


However, that’s why I recommend purchasing it together with other dog necessities such as food or medicine.


Luckily, PetCareRx features almost everything you would need for your dogs so you can easily group your purchases and get free shipping if your order is over $48.


In some situations, PetCareRx even offers free shipping no matter the cost of the order (mostly with food-related products). Therefore, here’s one tip.


Add this toy along with a food order and you will benefit from free shipping!


Summary and Final Opinion


How often do you buy toys for your dog? Believe me, once I saw  the affordable prices over at PetCareRx, I started purchasing toys more often.  And do you want to hear the best thing about it?


The dogs love it!  I also love the toys from PetCareRx, since they’re really made of quality materials and are thought through.


What I mean by this is that they are really safe for our dogs. Did you ever shop at PetCareRx?


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I would love to hear about your dogs’ favorite toys and funny stories you might be able to tell. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment down below, ask questions, or simply make my day!  I would appreciate it and would definitely get back to you!


All the best!


Founder/Creator: Love A Rescue Dog  ?

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”


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