What Are Rescue Dogs?

Hello and welcome to my Love A Rescue Dog website. Many people ask me what are rescue dogs and what is their significance as opposed to any other dog?

n this introduction to my Love A Rescue Dog website, I will be discussing this in the paragraphs below.

However, I first wanted to convey to you my reason(s) for creating a website about rescue dogs.

This is a very personal mission for me because I have a sincere passion for dogs who are rescued and sent to shelters or other rescue organizations to live their lives out until someone decides to foster or adopt them.

I’ve always loved having a dog as a pet.  There were many places I lived, that would not allow me to have a dog.  For the longest time, I went without having one.

The first one I was able to have lived to just under the age of twelve.  She was a beautiful tan and white cocker spaniel.

Her heartbreaking death in 2017, left me alone and saddened.  The house was just too quiet with just one person in it.  When I lost my her, I lost my only companion.  I mourned her loss deeply.

I was advised and encouraged to look into getting a rescue/shelter dog, when I was ready to have another dog in my life.  In doing so, I would save a dog that someone had abandoned, mistreated or neglected.

I did exactly that and found my best Wingman.  I never thought I would ever love another dog again, but second Chances do happen.

I went to my local shelter and adopted a little guy that had just turned one years old. He’s a mix between a Chihuahua and a Whippet. His original name was Hayes.

I thought this to be a very strange name to give a little guy like this.  It just didn’t fit him at all.  So instead, I changed it, and a little guy named Chance came home with me that day.

I felt the name was very appropriate, since we gave each other that second Chance at love again.

Chance will be with me for three years in November 2020 and in September of 2020, he’ll be four years old.  He too is tan with a white neck, face and little white paws.  His tail is tan with hints of black throughout.

I guess you can say my rescue dog passion began when I walked into that shelter and saw all those dogs with happy and sad little faces, all vying for my attention.

It was like a pierce through my heart to only be able to choose one and not more. Now I advocate on the side of adopting instead of shopping.

Human Cruelty Increases the Number of Rescue Dogs

Human cruelty has no limits. Many people abuse, neglect, and even abandon their pet dogs. You can also see pet owners who surrender their dogs for different reasons.

Rescue dogs are those ones who have been placed in a new home after being abandoned by the previous owners.


Do you disown or abandon your dear and near ones when they need your love and care most? Most people don’t do it because they are compassionate beings.

A compassionate human being also cannot abandon his/her pet dog, the most trusted companion. Unfortunately, there are cruel people in this world. You need to deal with this issue to change this world for the better.

Organizations That Provide Shelter for Abandoned Dogs

Several animal rescue organizations rescue and protect the abandoned dogs. ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is the most popular organization in the USA.

You can also find individuals and many other private organizations that focus on canine rehabilitation and providing shelter for them.

If you want to show your love and compassion to these abused and abandoned creatures, you can certainly adopt one.

3.3 Billion Dogs are Rescued and Sheltered Each Year

Do you know that around 3.3 million dogs are rescued and sheltered each year in the United States? This figure is really a worrisome one.

Of these, around 20% is euthanized. As pet owners, we all must introspect about our compassion toward dogs.


However, there is hope. Approximately 49% of dogs are adopted. Further, around 19% are returned to the previous owners.

Sadly, millions of dogs are still waiting in shelters or rescue homes for a permanent home. If you are a true pet lover, it is time to show your love, care, and compassion and adopt one.

Irresponsible Pet Ownership Increases the Number of Rescue Dogs

Many people haven’t yet realized the importance of responsible pet ownership. Are you one of them? You need to change this attitude immediately.

Don’t be an irresponsible pet owner. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) says that pet ownership is a privilege and involves certain duties and responsibilities.

None needs to keep reminding you about your duties and responsibilities as a parent. Children are the most prized possessions of all parents.

You will take care of their health and other important needs responsibly. What does it mean? It means that you are a responsible parent.

Similarly, you need to have some commitments as a pet owner. A dog depends on its owner for its needs like food and shelter.

Moreover, a dog has to rely on the owner for exercise, mental stimulation, and even veterinary care. You need to fulfill these responsibilities as a pet owner.

The responsibility to the pet dog must be a commitment for a lifetime. If you don’t meet these responsibilities, you are an irresponsible pet owner.

According to the AVMA, responsible pet ownership practices can be used to reduce the number of rescue dogs in the USA.

What Makes People Abandon Their Dogs?

Some of the pet owners are unbelievably cruel. They don’t need any reason to abandon their pets. Others relinquish their pets due to various reasons.

The most prominent reasons for dog abandonment are increasing living expenses, family moving, relationship breakdowns, lack of permission from landlords, excess animals in the household, and insufficient facilities.

Adopt a Rescue Dog and Save a Life

Are you a caring, compassionate, and kind-hearted human being? If you have these qualities, you can certainly adopt a rescue dog.

When you adopt one, you are saving an animal’s life. Further, your adoption creates a free space at the shelter and makes space for another dog to be saved.

If you think a second for all those pups and adult dogs wishing for homes, you will adopt one immediately.

With a shelter dog adoption, you are making a strong statement against the unethical practices followed in the Puppy Mills.

Further, rescue dogs are normally given all vaccinations on time. So, you can take home a healthy dog.

There are also many more benefits associated with adopting rescue dogs. You can find any breed you prefer easily if you choose from reputed and certified shelters.

According to authentic research studies, shelter dogs are more socially driven to interact with human beings. Another benefit is that shelter dogs come at a relatively lower price compared to pet dogs available with dog breeders.

Rescue Dogs Make You a Better and More Responsible Pet Owner

Many dog owners abandon dogs for different reasons. Human cruelty is one of the most important reasons. Some people relinquish their dogs due to unavoidable life-circumstances.

However, responsible organizations including the ASPCA are offering shelters for abandoned dogs.

It has been estimated that around 3.3 billion dogs are rescued and sheltered each year. If you are a caring human being and pet lover, you can certainly consider adopting a rescue dog.

First of all, you are saving a life. You are also joining a fight against unethical practices of the puppy mills. Rescue dogs also make good pets. Last but not the least; you can buy one at an affordable price.

I would like to hear what you think of this article and the plight of rescue dogs.  Have you rescued a dog through a shelter or rescue organization?

You may leave your comments below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best!


Founder/Creator: Love A Rescue Dog ?

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”


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2 thoughts on “What Are Rescue Dogs?”

  1. I love that you rescue some of these dogs. Where I live I can’t have dogs. Maybe the main reason for somebody abandoning their dog is that they never developed a relationship. Or maybe they are incapable of love. What do you think?
    I have a cat and while she drives me crazy sometimes (peeing on the bed for instance), it would never occur to me to give her away.
    Should I ever have the opportunity to have a dog, I will certainly go rescue one. Or when a friends talks about getting a dog, I’ll point out how important it is to rescue one of these poor souls.
    All the best!

    1. Xarah,
      Sorry I have taken so long to respond to your comments but I have been tied up with Affiliate Bootcamp Training tasks and haven’t had the opportunity to check out my rescue dog website for a while now. appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment.
      I love dogs. I agree with you that most of the people who mistreat and abandon their dogs are cruel and yes, maybe incapable of loving. It’s very sad! Another reason is that they just don’t understand how to care for a dog properly. When a dog becomes a nuisance, people
      often decide they do not want them in their lives. Love a rescue dog website educates people in this respect, in hopes that less dogs are mistreated and abandoned, and more dogs are adopted from shelters and rescue organizations.

      All the best to you and have a great weekend!

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