Bark Potty Comprehensive Review

Almost all dog products have changed and advanced, yet pee pads have not seen a change in a long time. It was only until Bark Potty revolutionized the way pee pads work.


Lingering odor and wet & soggy pads is something all dog owners are used to. However, Bark Potty put a stop to this.


If you have been looking for a solution, you might have come across the solution. But what is Bark Potty and how does it work?


Even if you have not heard of Bark Potty yet, you are in the right place. Why?


Because in this Bark Potty review, I will tell you everything you need to know about the company, the product, and even share both good and bad of the company and the product.


This will help you know exactly whether or not Bark Potty is a great fit for you and your furry friend – so keep on reading!


About Bark Potty Company


Bark Potty is one of only a few companies that worked hard on re-inventing something that dog owners have to deal with daily.




Can you guess what that is?


It is the pee pads for dogs. If you thought that there is no better way to deal with indoor potty situations, you were wrong.


Bark Potty is a revolutionary company that literally puts a park in the dog box, helps eliminate standard indoor potty downsides, and helps improve the experience for the dogs.


The whole company’s mission is based on improving the overall experience of the dog owners, improving the potty situation for dogs that have to go indoors, and even improving sustainability.


Bark Potty is spreading its revolutionary product across the United States, Canada, and even a couple of European countries.


You might have even come across Bark Potty in stores such as Concord Pet, Hollywood Feed, and others across the USA and Canada.


Many have been skeptical about changing or improving the way their dogs use pee pads, but I believe that once you go Bark Potty, you will never want to go back to the old regular pee pads!


Keep on reading the Bark Potty review find out what is so different and better about Bark Potty below!


Review Details


Name: Bark Pottybark-potty-black-dog
Owners: Natalie Youn
Price: $37/potty every 4 weeks or $35.15/potty – 3 pottys every 3 months

Overall Rank: 4.9 out of 5.0


Bark Potty Review


So, what is Bark Potty and what is so special about it? So far, you know that Bark Potty is a revolutionized way for dogs to do potty indoors.


Bark Potty is a subscription-based company that provides a new generation of pee pads. These pads are made from real bark and real grass.


In combination with bark and grass, Bark Potty is made with natural smells that compel dogs to use the potty.


All of this is based on a tray that is lined to prevent leaks but also to neutralize any odor. So far it sounds like an incredible product, right?


But how long can you use one Bark Potty?


This is where it gets really interesting. With one Bark Potty, you can replace up to 60 pee pads and you can use one Bark Potty for a month straight.


The length mostly depends on your dog, but a month is definitely guaranteed.


Therefore, this is the solution that will:


  • Help “bring” outdoors to indoors for dogs and improve their experience
  • Help owners never deal with odor or saggy pee pads again


Along with that, Bark Potty is a company that is doing everything it can to lower its carbon footprint. So, what happens with every Bark Potty after a month?



Every Bark Potty box is made using only natural and recyclable materials so you can easily recycle it just like you recycle other recyclable products.


And what benefits can you expect to gain after you switch to Bark Potty?


The great thing about Bark Potty is that it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, you will not have to change the location your dog is used to.


For example, if you decide to keep it indoors, the Bark Potty neutralizes the odors, so you will not ever have to sacrifice a great home smell only to make your dog happy.


But won’t’ Bark Potty make a mess in your home?


Absolutely not! Even though real bark is used in combination with real grass, you will never find any of these spread around your home.


Bark Potty introduced a great design where mesh netting holds everything in place so you will never have to hoover your home over and over again.


Bark Potty sounds incredible, right? But wait, it gets even better.


Not only Bark Potty is a great solution for dogs, but it is also a great solution for dog owners. With every Bark Potty box, you will get a free roll of poo bags with a dispenser that is built right into the box.


How cool is that, right?


One thing is for sure, dogs love it like real grass, and it is a solution that improves many aspects for both dogs and their owners.


Are you wondering to learn more about the product? Keep on reading to find out how each Bark Potty is made!


The Science Behind Bark Potty


How can one potty last up to 4 weeks? No pad on the market could offer that, right?


So far, you know that each Bark Potty comes with real bark and grass, but here is what else it comes with. Each Bark Potty comes naturally antimicrobial such as cedar or other woods.


These antimicrobial attacks bacteria and odor.


It is worth mentioning that each Bark Potty also comes with a system in place that is capable to draw liquid to the bottom of the box rather than keeping it at the top.


This ensures a clean and dry surface for every further use.


Of course, the box is leakproof, so you will not have to worry about the system. But there is a huge difference between a box that holds the liquid and a box that helps the liquid evaporate.


The latter one is how the Bark Potty box works and helps eliminate odor, liquid, and make each potty last up to 4 weeks. This means that for a year, you will only need 12 Bark Pottys!


What dogs will smell is the same natural smell they love every time they go outdoors, so it is a win-win combination that is worth the investment!


Bark Potty Price


So, Bark Potty is a win-win product that does not only help dogs but also makes life easier for dog owners.


With all the benefits, features, and value provided by each box, how much will it cost you as a dog owner?


Bark Potty is a subscription-based company that offers two plans you can choose from:


  • Monthly Subscription – $37/potty – 1 potty delivered every 4 weeks
  • Subscription Saver – $35.15/potty – 3 pottys delivered every 3 months


This is a really great deal, especially considering that each Bark Potty can last up to a month, so you only need 12 pottys to be set for the whole year!




It is also worth mentioning that shipping is free for most of the continental United States. However, shipping fees and taxes apply in some states and countries.


Bark Potty Affiliate Program


I am a dog lover, but I am also an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is a perfect way to promote something you already use, or you really love and already promote to your friends & family.


In return for promoting it, you get a commission. If you happen to be a fan of Bark Potty, you will love to hear that Bark Potty has an affiliate program that anyone can join.


This way, you can help Bark Potty with the outreach, help more dog owners, help more dogs, and benefit from the whole help you have been providing by earning a commission.


This is definitely something that might be new to you, but I just wanted to share more about this perfect opportunity with you and if you are looking to learn more about affiliate marketing – check out my marketing blog.


Final Thoughts


I hope you have learned from this Bark Potty review that this is an incredible idea that really took time to design, put together, manufacture, and bring in the homes of proud dog owners.


I really love the concept, I love its benefits, and I really believe that it provides incredible value to both dogs and the owners.


It is also great for the environment as its 100% recyclable, and when we consider the pricing, it is really a no-brainer decision!


Also knowing that you can spread the good word about Bark Potty when you let your dog try it out and earn a commission on all sales you help make is another great thing, I like about Bark Potty.


Some of the greatest companies (such as Amazon) have an affiliate program and I am happy to see that Bark Potty is doing a great job at marketing.


The subscription-based model is also great which makes it affordable, convenient, and easy to get for anyone in the United States, Canada, and even Alaska.


However, if you are not a big fan of subscriptions, you can always head to the nearest pet store and see if Bark Potty made it there yet!


What are your thoughts on Bark Potty? Did you ever let your dog try it out? I would love to hear what you think.  You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator: Love A Rescue Dog ?

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”


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