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Hello, everyone!  Today I am going to switch gears now and discuss something serious with the  all the dog/pet owners out there.  What can be so important, you say?

Well, it’s a plan to cover health expenses when dogs/pets get ill or have an accident.  All pet parent friends out there need to know all about PetPlan Insurance.  Most pet lovers forget about pet insurance.

Yes, pet insurance is a very helpful thing and yet many pet owners just overlook it.  Some people don’t even believe me when I say that I have insurance for my pet.

No one thinks it’s necessary – until it’s really necessary.

PetPlan is a company that specializes in providing pet insurance for domestic pets.

Even if you’ve dealt with PetPlan before, you might not even know that PetPlan is one of the first companies to offer pet insurance.

??PetPlan will now be called Fetch!??

Over the next several weeks you’ll start to see “Fetch” appear in places where “Petplan” previously appeared.  Fetch is actually the company’s real name.

From their email addresses to their website and app, all branding will be transitioned to “Fetch” in the coming months.

Rest assured, policy coverages and pricing will not change in any way by this name change.

?? PetPlan Insurance ??

They’ve been doing it since 1976, and they even have their own affiliate program that anyone can join – which is another thing no one seems to know about.

In this post, you’ll find more about the PetPlan company, its affiliate program, who is it for, and if you should join their affiliate program.

About PetPlan

Not only PetPlan is one of the first companies to provide pet insurance, but they’re also one of the most known companies out there today.

Millions of pet owners have registered for insurance with PetPlan to help them with the veterinary costs if something goes wrong.

It’s a pretty solid company that even offers an affiliate program, so keep on reading to find more about PetPlan!

Review Details

Name: PetPlanpetplan-logo


Owners: Chris and Natasha Ashton

Price: It’s free to become a PetPlan affiliate

Overall Rank: 4.9 out of 5

Company Details

PetPlan is the go-to place if you are looking to purchase pet insurance for your domestic pet. They only specialize in pet insurance, and they’ve been doing it for over the past 30 years.

They are able to offer and provide the most comprehensive pet insurance in a simple plan that anyone can understand, and most importantly, that anyone can afford.

And how can PetPlan help you out, you might be wondering if you’ve never purchased pet insurance before?

They can help you cover 90% of the veterinarian bills in an unexpected emergency.



They’re really good at taking care of their customers by not having any sign-up fees, no networks, and no expensive riders.  

One thing we’ve noticed that many people love about PetPlan is the ability to choose your payment date, which is pretty awesome.

And if you decide to stick with PetPlan insurance, you can go with a premium insurance type that will help you save an additional 30% in the long run, on your pet’s insurance policy.

PetPlan is also known for one more thing. Can you guess what it is?

It’s the VirtualVet visits that are included in the insurance policy at no extra charge.

If anything happens to your precious pet – all you have to do is get treatment, file a claim, and get reimbursement.

PetPlan is so well known yet not many people are aware of their affiliate program that anyone can join and earn a commission.

PetPlan Tools & Training

If you decide to become PetPlan affiliate, you won’t be their employee, but you’ll be treated as their partner.

Anyone can join the program and we’re pretty happy with tools and training provided by PetPlan.

Once inside their platform, you will be able to view different types of policies, get affiliate links for certain policies, get creative banners,  and training required.


There is an introductory training that helps everyone grasp the idea of affiliate marketing and how it is used by PetPlan to help its customers, affiliates, and their company to strive and improve.

We’ve noticed that PetPlan also includes the option to get specific tools if you are a breeder so you can recommend new pet owners a special PetPlan insurance policy in return for a commission.

Therefore, once you’re a PetPlan Affiliate, you will have all the tools, links, and banners to help yourself promote and spread awareness of the PetPlan insurance.

And what do we think?

We think that as long as you can understand how affiliate marketing works and you have ways of spreading the good word about PetPlan – you won’t have a problem supplementing your income.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, not many pet owners know about pet insurance, and since it’s an important thing – there’s no better way to promote it than through a company that has been doing it for over 30 years now.

PetPlan Support

PetPlan is great at supporting both their customers and their affiliates. With their special abilities such as VirtualVet – their process is transparent and efficient.


Even though PetPlan doesn’t have a dedicated team that helps its affiliates, they have email support that can be reached out to through the affiliate network where their affiliate program is located.

And since they have solid training & tools in place – you won’t have a hard time promoting PetPlan’s pet insurance through any of the channels.

Product Price

PetPlan has many different insurance policies, and they are able to insure almost all sorts of domestic pets, from rabbits to even horses.

dollar-signTherefore, there’s no one set price for their insurance. However, dog & cat insurances are the most popular insurance types.

And on average, they usually cost about $40-50 a month. But the insurance price will also depend on your pets’ age, health, and even breed.

But as PetPlan affiliate, you can earn up to $42.59 for each insurance policy you successfully promote. Just the way the prices differ – so is the commission rate different too.

Summary and Final Opinion

Most people are surprised when they find out that PetPlan has its own affiliate program that anyone can join.

It seems like a decision you shouldn’t think about, right? Promoting something as important as pet insurance by partnering up with one of the companies that have the most authority is the best way to do it right?

Affiliate marketing has been around even before the internet and PetPlan is a solid company that has been around for a long time as well.


We are not sure how well does pet insurance sells, but considering that PetPlan has been doing it for over 30 years now – we think that PetPlan affiliates won’t have a hard time being successful at it.

Did you ever purchase pet insurance for your precious pet? How satisfied were you with the experience?  I would love to hear from you about PetPlan Insurance for your dog.


You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be more than happy to respond.


All the best!


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