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results of a natural disaster

Making a Pet Emergency Preparedness Plan

Do you love your pet as much as you love any other family member? Do you have a pet emergency preparedness plan? If not, it is time to create one and be prepared, because with emergencies – you never know! And if you have just found out that every pet owner should have a pet …

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Fi Smart Dog Collar Review

Technology is improving at a rapid pace and it seems like there’s a new release of a product every couple of weeks.   With that being said, technology is getting into the pet industry too. And if you’re reading this Fi Smart Dog Collar review, your most likely interested in this new piece of technology! …

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Bark Potty vs. DoggieLawn Comparison

No one likes spending time cleaning the mess that the standard disposable pads can leave after your dog. If you have ever wondered if there is a better way – you are in the right place!   In this comparison review, I will compare two companies Bark Potty and DoggieLawn to help you find out …

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Track Your Dog and Earn Income Too

Ever wonder what you would do if your dog were to be lost and you didn’t know where to find him or her? Well I can tell you, I have been searched high and low to provide you with the best information possible.  After all, dog owners and lovers need to stick together when it …

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Tracking GPS Product Review

Ever wonder what you would do or how you would feel if your dog were lost or even stolen? It would be a terrible experience and I am pretty sure you would be distraught over the situation.   In a previous article, I wrote about dog behavior device’s. Today, I would like to review for …

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