Bark Potty vs. DoggieLawn Comparison

No one likes spending time cleaning the mess that the standard disposable pads can leave after your dog. If you have ever wondered if there is a better way – you are in the right place!


In this comparison review, I will compare two companies Bark Potty and DoggieLawn to help you find out a better way to deal with pads for dogs but also find out which one would work better for your dog!


Both companies have done extraordinary improvements and have even changed the way dogs feel doing what they are most used to doing on the real grass.


Therefore, keep on reading to find out everything there is about Bark Potty and DoggieLawn!


Bark Potty vs DoggieLawn


Even though these two companies are similar, their potties are built differently, and therefore, it is important to consider both companies before making the decision.


Down below, you can find out everything you need to know about Bark Potty and DoggieLawn, so you find the best potty for your dog!


Bark Potty


Bark Potty is the company that introduced the new generation of pee pads. They thought that there has to be a better way to provide your dogs with pads and they invented it!




Their pads are made of real bark and real grass which gives dogs more comfort when they have to go indoors, and yet the whole box is built in a smart way to give benefits to the owners as well.


With that being said, Bark Potty is well lined to prevent any leaks and the use of real bark helps neutralize any odor or smell.


Just one Bark Potty can replace up to 60 pee pads and not only the Bark Potty is a better version, yet it is also a more economical version.


One Bark Potty can last up to a month and once it is finished, it can be recycled to help produce new Bark Potty’s.


With testing in place, Bark Potty proved that dogs prefer using Bark Potty than the standard pee pads dogs had to use for a long time now.


Well, Bark Potty invented a change that will put a stop to the uneconomical pee pads that do not do dogs and the owners any good.


Bark Potty is available as a subscription model service where you can get boxes delivered free to your door monthly.


However, the chances are you saw Bark Potty in stores across the United States and Canada so you can also grab them if you ever find them locally.


No matter how many Bark Potties you get or store, it is good to know that they will not die, rot, or stink when stored.


And with one Bark Potty being good for about a month, all you need is only 12 Bark Potties to be covered for the whole year.


Let us quick math here. 12 Bark Potties can replace 720 pee pads and yet they are very economical which is the no-brainer solution in all aspects.


Whether you are looking for a great solution so your dogs can go indoors, on the balcony, or anywhere around the yard, Bark Potty is a great fit for any location.


When it comes down to the cleaning, you will not ever have to worry about the bark or grass. The mesh netting holds everything in the box, so you will not find it everywhere around your home.


On top of that, Bark Potty boxes also have built-in poo bags with a dispenser right in the box, so you will not even have to purchase your poo bags anymore!




DoggieLawn is remarkably similar to Bark Potty and even their product is based on the same idea. However, DoggieLawn has a couple of twists that might make their product a better fit for the dogs.


Dogs are definitely getting all the benefits with both products, but DoggieLawn also adds a couple more benefits to the owners.


DoggieLawn boxes do not use bark and yet are only based on real grass.



In comparison to fake grass, potty pads, and even other real grass companies, DoggieLawn boxes are more economical, have no unnatural smells, and are not hard to train.


When dogs visually see DoggieLawn, they know what it is all about!


The natural grass used to make DoggieLawn boxes can neutralize odors, has no drawbacks, and it is extremely low maintenance.


One box can last for a couple of weeks and the company proudly lowered the price which makes it the biggest competitor in this market.


DoggieLawn is also a subscription-based company that also supports the Dog Friendlier Difference charity.


There are a couple of plans you get to choose from and from there, you get the grass delivered and you can relax knowing your dog will love it.


But what is different about DoggieLawn is that it provides a free training kit for owners, poo bags, and two months of Askvet with the first subscription order.


Free training kit and Askvet are great add-ons, especially for new dog owners who are training their puppies and are interested in looking after their pet’s health and wellness.


What is also interesting about DoggieLawn is that they provide different sizes, and you get to choose from standard, medium, large, and extra-large potty grass which is a great way to find a perfect fit not only for your dog but also for a corner in your home.




The grass is biodegradable, and it is extremely easy to clean up and yet your dogs will have the natural and fresh piece of outdoor right in your home.


Along with the grass, DoggieLawn also has additional products you can purchase such as trays, the grass itself, treats, supplements, bug sprays, toys, grooming essentials, and accessories so you can find everything you need right in one place.


What I like the most is that DoggieLawn also has a gift card or a gift grass package where you can gift the subscription to a proud dog owner to introduce them to the new ways of replacing the pee pads.




Both companies are run by a subscription-based and here is the pricing for both companies.


Bark Potty


A monthly subscription for Bark Potty costs $37 per potty and you will get one potty delivered every 4 weeks (free delivery).


However, if you would like this subscription to help you save money, you can choose to get 3 pottys delivered every 3 months.


Then each potty will cost you $35.15 and free delivery is included.


You should keep in mind that free delivery does not include Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii. Also, sales tax applies to California, Illinois, and Kansas state.


Considering that one Bark Potty can replace up to 60 pee pads is definitely worth considering too.


I wrote a comprehensive review of Bark Potty, so I also recommend you read it before you make the decision!




DoggieLawn claims to be the less expensive version of all other real grass potties and the pricing depends on the plan you choose:


  • Standard – Starting at $26
  • Medium – Starting at $29
  • Large – Starting at $31
  • XL – Starting at $34


The price difference is not huge and yet you have to consider that the grass can last up to 2 or 3 weeks too.


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Also, considering the benefits you get with your first purchase is definitely worth trying the DoggieLawn out!


Bark Potty VS DoggieLawn: Which Box is Better?


Both companies cater to the same industry and it is pretty clear that both products benefit both the dogs and the owners.


Bark Potty is slightly more expensive, but it can last for longer (up to a month) and it is 100% recyclable.


On the other hand, DoggieLawn is slightly cheaper but you have to keep in mind that grass will not last longer than the combination of bark and grass.


Both boxes are made with true grass and bark and both look pretty great. DoggieLawn has the advantage of providing more sizes so this might be something to consider when making the decision.


However, we should not forget the brilliant design of Bark Potty and the integrated poo bags with dispensers which comes included in the price.


I believe that it is best if you order one of both and see what works the best for you and your dog. However, the decision is very tough and personally, I believe it is a tie.


The deciding factor might be something exceedingly small and irrelevant on the whole scale of the decision.


Who knows, maybe your location will depend on which service you would like more, or your dog shows interest in one of these two more.


This would definitely make your decision easier, right? Let the dogs choose!


My Final Thoughts


Bark Potty and DoggieLawn are making a change and that is what matters the most.


Dogs get better options, owners eliminate some of the most annoying problems out there, and everyone benefits!


Even though both companies are similar and even work on the same business model (subscription-based), their final products have differences.


As mentioned earlier, I believe the decision is going to be very tough, but it would be fun to let the dogs choose so why not get one of each and give it a shot?


I would like to hear your thoughts about these products and this comparison. You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Love A Rescue Dog ?

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”


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