Fostering for Dogs

Adopting a dog is one thing and almost everyone knows about it, but did you ever hear about fostering for a dog?


It might sound crazy, but yes, fostering a dog is a real thing. And who can do it? Almost anyone!


But what does fostering a dog involve, how can you apply, and do you get compensated are just some of the questions many people wonder about.


Therefore, in this post, I will do my best to clarify more on the topic that might surprise many.


I will also guide you through the process of fostering for a dog, the benefits that come included, and even include some tips for people who decide to follow through with it!


Can You Actually Foster a Dog?


With the overcrowded shelters all around the world, it was about the time to allow the concept of dog fosters.




Therefore, yes, you can actually temporarily foster a dog. You can provide a temporary home for the animals in the care of the shelter, but you can also help the dogs you foster.  How?


Fostering a dog is like the first step for a dog that’s recovering from neglect, abuse, or injury – and it’s the step in the right direction to help and give the dog time to adjust to the love and care he’ll experience once he’s adopted.


Do You Get Paid to Foster a Dog?


Unfortunately, this is the second most asked question when people learn about the foster a dog concept.


But not, you do not get paid to foster a dog.


However, even though you are not financially compensated, the shelter will help you out with the food, medicine, and veterinary care so you do not have any additional costs.


I really like this system because no one can take the advantage of the system just to make some extra income, and yet anyone who still decides to foster a dog will truly appreciate what they’re doing for both the dog and the local shelter.


What is Involved in Fostering a Dog?


While some people get the concept at first, others still might need a bit of explanation.


When you decide to foster a dog, you agree to take a homeless dog into your home to give him love, care, attention, and support the dogs’ needs.


But how long will this take?


The process does not have a set time, but it usually a period that is suggested by the shelter, or until the dog is adopted (if the foster care agrees).


There are many reasons why dogs need foster homes and as explained above, you are not only helping the dog out get stable and back on its feet – but you are also helping the shelter (and the system) as well.


Is Fostering a Dog a Good Idea?


Fostering a dog is a brilliant idea and if you are a dog lover – you will definitely love the process.


You will help the overcrowded shelter, you will help the dog, and you will benefit from the love and care you receive from the dog.




Even though you will not receive any financial help – you still will not have to spend any money on it as everything the dog needs will be provided by the shelter.


Personally, I believe that this is a great step for families who are thinking of adopting a dog to actually see what their lifestyle would look like with a dog.


Another great information is that many dog fosters actually decide to adopt the dog after a certain period of time.


Therefore, if you’ve been thinking of getting a dog or adopting a dog – you can help out the shelter and the dog but also help yourself to see if a dog lifestyle would be ideal for you and your family.


That is why I really like this concept as everyone benefits from it and yet no financial currency is exchanged at all.


Tips to Make a Foster Dog Feel at Home


If you have decided to go through with the process and test out the concept of fostering a dog – the main thing, you will be responsible for is making the dog feel at home.


But how can you do this?


It might not be easy, especially considering the dog’s history – but here are some tips you can follow to be a natural dog foster:


  • Be patient
  • Get the basics down first
  • No fast movements
  • Provide structure
  • Give the dog a break
  • Start training right away (if possible)


It is important to plan ahead as the day you bring your dog home – it will be crazy, I promise! However, it is not hard work and you just need to get the basics down first and take things from there.


No matter the breed of a dog or its history, you will have to be very patient and start from the basics.


If you are dealing with a dog that has been previously neglected or abused – you should approach cautiously without any fast movements.


Structure from the beginning can definitely help to create a daily routine for the dog which is healthy for their mindset. Along with the routine, it is best to start with the training right away, if possible.




But keep in mind, the dog’s attention span can be really short at times and there is nothing you can do about it. Instead of being pushy, feel free to give dogs a break.


No matter the time dog will spend with you, you should not stray away from the process as it is the best way to get started.




Along with the adoption, fostering a dog is another noble thing you can do, even if it is for a short time.


As I have mentioned earlier, dog fostering will help usually overcrowded shelters, it will help the dog get a structure and a great beginning, and it can also help you as the potential future dog owner.


What I like the most about this concept is that many people who foster a dog end up actually adopting the dog which, besides being a good story to tell, it is really a great thing to do as a person.


Did you ever think of fostering a dog? How about the adoption?


I would love to hear your stories so feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts and opinion! I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator: Love A Rescue Dog ?

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”



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