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Making a Pet Emergency Preparedness Plan

Do you love your pet as much as you love any other family member? Do you have a pet emergency preparedness plan?

If not, it is time to create one and be prepared, because with emergencies – you never know!

And if you have just found out that every pet owner should have a pet emergency preparedness plan, you are in the right place.

Down below, I will tell you more about the pet emergency preparedness plan, why is it important, what it includes, and how to be prepared for emergencies as a pet owner, so keep on reading!

What is a Pet Emergency Preparedness Plan?

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A pet emergency preparedness plan is a plan of steps you would take in a case of an emergency, no matter what the emergency is.

The goal of this emergency preparedness plan is to be prepared to keep your pet safe during and even after the emergency.

With so many disasters around us, you might never know when you might need to rely on your pet emergency preparedness plan, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Hopefully, you might never have to rely on your pet emergency preparedness plan, but it is always to have it ready because you never know!

Why You Should Have a Pet Emergency Preparedness Plan?

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Whether you end up being in the middle of a natural disaster or a fabricated disaster, you will want your pet to be as safe as possible, just the way you will do everything you can to be safe.

The steps of the pet emergency preparedness plan are designed in a way to help you know exactly what to do, what to think, and what steps to take during the emergency.

This can save a pet’s life and if the emergency is not that serious, it will at least provide better comfort and less stress for your pet.

How to Create a Pet Emergency Preparedness Plan

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There is no one way to create a pet emergency preparedness plan but these are some of the most important steps and things you should include in your plan.

Also, it is always better if the plan is a bit longer and includes more things than if it is on the shorter side!

Microchip Your Pet

A microchip is a small chip placed just under the skin, usually between the shoulder blades.

Each chip comes with a unique number and once scanned, it can tell a lot more information about the pet but also about the owner.

Wonderful thing is that it can be done to many animals without hurting them at all and if your pet ever gets lost, there is a higher chance of getting reunited with your pet.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that a veterinarian will have to scan the microchip. However, read the second step of the plan to ensure an even better chance of being contacted about your lost pet.

Collar and Tag

Collar and a tag, combined with a microchip is often a great solution to getting reunited with your pet sooner.

Since most pets wear a collar already, and most of them have a tag with a name, here is one thing you can do to prepare your pet for emergencies.

By getting a collar and a name tag for your pet, you should also write your information on the back of the collar so if your pet ever gets lost and it is found by another person, they can easily contact the phone number to reach you.

Have a Backup Pet-Friendly Place to Stay

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Pets are used to staying with the owners at all times.

However, you never know when an emergency might hit you and you might not be able to be with your pet for a longer period of time (or even a brief period of time).

Having a backup as in a person, a friend, a family member, or even a pet hotel can be handy in emergencies.

You will not have to think twice, and you will get the stay sorted out for your pet in minutes.

You can either create a list of potential people, mostly family, and friends who would do you a favor, but to bulletproof your emergency preparedness plan, you can find a paid accommodation for your pet so if everyone else lets you down, you know that your pet will still have a safe place to stay while you are away.

Having a Buddy System to Rely on is Useful

Not only you can add your friends and family to your buddy system, but you can also be a part of someone’s buddy system.

You can imagine a buddy system as a circle of people who are all pet owners and who are all ready to be a part of someone’s pet emergency preparedness plan.

Is there anyone more qualified and willing to take care of your pet in a case of emergency than someone who is a pet owner themselves?

Always be Ready to Find Emergency Veterinary Facilities

Emergencies can happen anywhere, and not only in the comfort of your home and of your hometown.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip or taking your pet anywhere outside of town, it is best to adjust and be prepared.

This means that you should always inform yourself about emergency veterinary facilities in the place you are visiting.

Writing down their phone number and address can save you a lot of time in distress and save time your pet has to suffer before it gets needed help if it comes down to that.

It might take you only minutes to have the information ready and it might be crucial in some moments you never expect.

Plan a Scenario of Temporary Confinement and Learn What Your Pet Needs

A highly likely scenario that might happen is confinement, and it is best to be prepared for it.

By asking yourself a question about what would your pet need in temporary confinement, you will be able to create a list of items they could not do without.

This will help you prepare yourself and your pet for this situation. If it comes to this, you will thank yourself later, and unbelievably, your pet might get through temporary confinement much easier.

Usually, these plans for this type of scenario include a food for longer period of time, a supply of fresh water, necessary medication, vaccination records, photographs, a pet first aid kit, or even temporary ID tags.

Learn How to Comfort Your Pet During an Emergency

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Pets notice stress, fear, and difficulties you experience or that surround them very easily. Therefore, they can end up feeling the same.

You do not have to do anything special as your pets will mostly require a calm voice, your presence, and their favorite toys can definitely help improve the situation.

However, keep in mind that some pets can be too scared to be comforted so you have to approach them slowly, at their pace to make any considerable progress. This is mostly the situation with cats.

Prepare a Backup Emergency Kit for Your Pet

What would you take for your pet if you had to leave as quickly as possible?

Ask yourself this question and you will know exactly what your pet might need. And here is a bit of help.

You should get a traveling case, grooming items, sanitation needs, familiar items, and other things we have mentioned earlier that include food and water supply, first aid kit, a photograph of yourself with the pet, and collar with an ID (unless your pet already wears one).

Also, keep in mind that you should have this prepared for each pet you have so you are ready to leave as soon as possible without having to think twice and without forgetting something important.

Plan for Every Possible Scenario

You can never plan for every scenario, but you can do your best to plan for every scenario that could happen to you, your pet, or the area you live in.

Pay attention to the warnings sent out by the state, always listen to local officials, and be prepared for evacuation at any point, and even get weather alerts if you live in an area that is critical and well known for natural weather disasters.

And one of the best tips you can get is to always bring your pet indoors at any sign of a storm or a natural disaster.

Your pet will be safer, you will be able to comfort them and prepare for evacuation (if needed), and yet they will not get lost due to the fear they might experience outside.

The Bottom Line Is…

Hopefully, you never have to rely on your pet emergency preparedness plan. But if you ever do, you will thank yourself for putting time and effort into creating one.

You deserve it, your pets deserve it, and you will be able to get through any situation easily which will automatically make things easier for your pets too.

Did you ever make a pet emergency preparedness plan? Do you have any tips or advice?

I would love to hear your thoughts on pet emergency preparedness plans. You may share your comments and questions in the space provided below and I will be happy to respond.

All the best,


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