Brain Traning For Dogs Review

Training always played an important role in the development of the dog’s brain from an early age.

Even if you had no intentions of training your dog properly, there is a high probability that you have learned your dog at least a couple of things.

In this brain training for dogs review, you can find out everything you need to know about this method.

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures, but is brain training for dogs just a scam?

Brain training for dogs is becoming increasingly popular and you might have come across many different courses.

But is it worth it? Keep on reading to find everything there is about it so you can make a good decision!

About Brain Training for Dogs

By far one of the most famous brain training for dogs products is actually a book that is written by Adrienne Farricelli.

Adrienne Farricelli also has an online course that is a great fit for everyone who is not a big fan of reading, and it even has step-by-step videos that will make learning everything from the basics to advanced teaching techniques a breeze.

But what is brain training in general?

Brain training for dogs helps train your dog’s everything you would want to without having to use any force. Dogs have been taught with the force or forbidden for a long time now.

Brain training focuses on positive reinforcement which is completely the opposite of what everyone is used to.

Dominance training is a thing of the past.

Not even sure why they were a thing at all (probably because we did not know a better way?), but no dog should behave in a certain way only to avoid punishment.

In fact, training should be fun and led step-by-step without any repercussions for dogs who require a bit more time to learn!

Many people misunderstand their dogs during training. If a dog seems uninterested, this does not necessarily mean that your dog is not interested in learning or training.

Your dog might not understand what you are trying to teach him or make him do.

We will not know how to do something only if someone tries to teach us something quickly, right?

Also, a dog’s brain has been studied for a decade or two now and it is a lot easier to understand how dogs think, what drives them, how do they learn, how long is their attention span, and many more things.

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In fact, we already know how each dog breed reacts and behaves because of these helpful studies.

Now, we have all watched the famous dog training TV show by Cesar Millan.

He is not only able to teach dogs, but also, he teaches dog owners how to behave with their dog, so their dog does not only understand the trick or ask, but that dog listens too.

Review Details

Name: Brain Training 4 Dogsbrain-training-for-dogs
Owner: Adrienne Farricelli
Price: $47

Overall Rank: 5.0 out of 5.0

Brain Training for Dogs Review

Brain Training for Dogs course is all you will need to “unlock” your dog’s hidden intelligence.

This will not only help you to successfully train your dogs and teach them new tricks, but this will also help you eliminate bad behavior from the start.

Imagine if your dog was more obedient and well-behaved without having to use any force or punishment for unsuccess.

If you think that your dog is not listening to you, you are trying to learn how to train a new puppy, or you are just trying to eliminate some of the behavior such as pulling the leash, uncontrollable barking, and general frustrations, this might be the course for you.

Adrienne Farricelli is a professional certified dog trainer who is passionate about dogs but is also passionate about teaching everyone how to unlock the potential of dogs all around the world.

The chances are that you have seen her work published in the USA Today, Every Dog magazine, or saw her contribute to eHow, All Experts, and other portals.

Adrienne used to successfully run a cage-less board and train company and she even provided her service to the military by training service dogs.

But how does she do it?

She realized that the more intelligent dog is, the better it behaves. It is as simple as that and that is when she knew that any other type of training should be thrown out of the window.

By unlocking the dog’s intelligence, the dog itself will learn more quickly, learn more things, retain attention for longer, and you will not ever have to punish bad behavior!

Everyone has a different goal and whether you are trying to eliminate any problems or ensure that your dog is well trained and well-behaved from the start, Adrienne’s training can help you out.

As I have mentioned earlier, this training uses no force at all, and it eliminates the punishment for bad behavior or lack of attention.

With Adrienne’s 10 years of experience and advice, you can ensure that:

  • Your dog behaves better
  • Your dog ditches bad habits
  • Your dog’s learning ability improves
  • Your bond with your dog improves
  • Your dog’s health improves
  • Your dog becomes more obedient

These are just some of the benefits of this training program that will not only help you train your dog, but it will also teach you how to behave with your dog and how to successfully be your dog’s trainer.

This sounds really promising, right? If you are ready to learn what awaits you inside the training, keep on reading!

Inside the Brain Training for Dogs Training

Brain Training for Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli is split into 7 different modules and here’s training plan can expect:

  • Preschool – it is all about the foundations
  • Elementary School – teaching your dog basic commands
  • High School – work on your dog’s patience and impulse control
  • College – improve your dog’s motor skills
  • University – creating a strong bond with your dog
  • Graduation – advanced level motor skills and intelligence
  • Einstein – genius level & tricks that will amaze you and your friends

On top of that, you will get 7 trick training videos, obedience 101 training, polishing up your training, and access to Adrienne’s archive full of informational content.

What I like the most about this training is that it is so well organized, and it has everything you would ever need not only to train your dog but also to learn how to train a dog at all.


Also, for the cost of this digital product (or a book), you can save hundreds of dollars on hiring a professional dog trainer!

All you have to do is set time aside for training and follow the training modules step-by-step.

Sooner than you know it, your dog will be picking up on everything you have been teaching him, and this would help you:

  • Potty train your dog
  • Deal with your dog’s aggression
  • Eliminate bad habits such as digging, jumping, chewing, excessive barking, and more
  • Control impulse and hyperactivity

It is hard to believe that all of this can be achieved without any force at all, but it is true. You will have a guided and organized training with access to an archive full of educational content for trainers.

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If you ever get stuck, you will have access to a forum where you can get personal help from Adrienne!


Adrienne Farricelli is a real deal, and her product is offered through Clickbank which is the worldwide known platform for digital creators.

With that being said, your purchase will be backed by both the Clickbank platform and Adrienne.

On top of that, I am a big fan of the forum that comes included with the training.

This is rare to see coming from digital products, but if you ever get stuck or feel inspired to help others – this is the place to be!

Brain Training for Dogs Pricing

Brain Training for Dogs is priced at $47 which is a very reasonable price since this proven training is coming from a certified professional dog trainer with a great historical record.

On top of that, you get a lot of material in combination with the well-structured training.

However, you can also purchase a book if you prefer learning while reading a book. It is a slightly cheaper option.

But one thing you should consider is that you can get a preview of the training modules even before you make the payment which just shows how transparent this training is!

Oh, and I should not forget to let you know that you are also backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

In case you do not like the training, or you do not think that it is the right fit for you – you can get a full refund with no questions asked!


If there is one thing that you can learn from my Brain Training for Dogs review, I hope that it is that you do not need to use any force or punish bad habits to teach your dog anything!

Even eliminating bad habits is not as hard as everyone thinks it is.

With the guided instruction and training from professional dog trainer Adrienne, you will have the tool you have always needed to either train your puppy fresh from the start or eliminate bad habits with older dogs.

Considering that this training is available in a book format, as well as the video step-by-step training, and even is backed by Adrienne’s personal assistance (if required), this training is a deal you just have to grab!

Oh yes, you can also check out the training even before you purchase it and if you purchase it and you do not feel it is a good fit, you can get a full refund with no questions asked (in the first 60 days).


How did you train your dog when it was a puppy? What do you think of Brain Training for Dogs education?  I would love to hear what you have to say.

You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.

All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Love A Rescue Dog ?

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