PetCareRx – Not Just For Prescriptions!

Hello everyone! I am back with another exciting review!  What exciting review am I referring to?

Well, sit back and let me tell all you wonderful people out there about what I discovered about PetCareRX!  So here we go!

If you are from the USA or Canada, you must’ve heard of PetCareRx!  It’s a go-to place for everything that’s pet related.

And chances are that you’ve already shopped around PetCareRx, even though it’s a fairly new company.

PetCareRx has a wide range of products, they hold affordable prices that any pet owner can afford, and their customer support is excellent.

However, there’s one thing that not many customers know. PetCareRx has its own affiliate program and anyone can earn commission by helping the most average pet owners out!

Keep on reading to find more about PetCareRx and its affiliate program!

About PetCareRx

PetCareRx is one of the go-to stores if you need anything from pet supplies, accessories, or products. They’re all about providing quality products & reliable service to the most average pet owners at affordable prices.

Even though PetCareRx is a relatively new store, they’ve been known all over the USA and Canada, and their wide range of products combined with a passion for pets.

Review Details

Name: PetCareRx


Owners: Blake Brossman

Price: It’s free to become a PetCareRx affiliate

Overall Rank: 4.8 out of 5

Company Details

PetCareRx is a go-to place if you’re looking to get the widest selection of products for your pets. They don’t limit the selection to just dogs or cats, but they cover everyone, including:

  • Dogsdog-with-glasses-on
  • Cats
  • Fishes
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Small pets

Therefore, you can find supplies such as food, treats, clothing items, bowls, feeders, and much more.

There are also some of the most known brands in the pet industry, including:

  • Top Pawroyal-canib-dog-food-brand
  • Blue
  • Pro Plan
  • Whisker City
  • Royal Canin
  • Simply Nourish

These are just some of the brands you can find, but PetCareRx has many others that will help provide everything you need in the categories we’ve previously mentioned.

PetCareRx also offers pet help such as medication guides, breed guides, or product guides that will ensure you know everything there is about your precious dog.

I also like how PetCareRx has a whole section based on the learning center which educates and answers all questions that pet owners might come across.

Therefore, shopping at PetCareRx is never a problem since it’s specially designed to help pet owners of all types.Petcarerx-pharmacy

I’ve noticed that PetCareRx is growing and expanding at a pretty nice rate, but also that the customers are very satisfied with the range of products, ways to shop, and the PetCareRx customer service.

However, there’s one thing not many knows.

PetCareRx offers its own affiliate program. This means that anyone can join PetCareRx affiliate program and start earning a commission by helping PetCareRx make more sales.

Down below, find out more about the affiliate program, how it works, and what are some of the benefits you can expect upon joining.

PetCareRx Tools & Training

PetCareRx has an affiliate program that allows anyone to join (even their customers) to help them spread the good word about their service & solutions to more pet owners out there.

In return, you can earn a commission on each sale you help PetCareRx make. It’s a great way to help pet owners find exactly what they need, and get something in return for helping them.

And since it’s a specialized pet store, you don’t have to sell or promote hard as if you were in an MLM (multi-level-marketing) program.

As PetCareRx affiliate, you can simply spread the good word, share a link, and start earning a commission.

But does PetCareRx provide any tools or training?

Yes, they do.

Upon joining PetCareRx affiliate program, you get basic training on how their affiliate program works, but also what your expectations can be.

I really like how they lay out all the terms in a simple way so that someone without any prior experience with affiliate marketing can start right away.


PetCareRx is also very good at providing their affiliates with exclusive content to use along with the affiliate links.

This is pretty useful for everyone who owns a website or social media accounts since it’s far better to post an image of a product rather than just a link.

There’s also a great review page where you can check up on your stats, search for products, get affiliate links, get images, and control everything from one place.

Company Support

With all the tools and training provided by the PetCareRx, it’s fairly easy to get started. There’s also dedicated support for all affiliates.

Question-markHowever, there’s one thing you should be aware of. You won’t be able to get commission on prescription items due to the legislation.

But I really like how PetCareRx is up-front about it and you can easily spot it even before registering as their affiliate.

One thing is for sure. PetCareRx’s customer service is excellent, and this also applies to its support of its affiliatesIf you have questions you can call them. You will find they are very helpful.

Product Price

PetCareRx is a popular go-to store for pet owners for two reasons. They have a wide range of products, and their products are reasonably priced.

dollar-signTherefore, as an affiliate, you won’t have a problem referring people to PetCareRx since it’s a place people already go to whenever they need pet-related supplies.

When it comes down to their affiliate program, PetCareRx has a competitive commission rate but the % also depends on the type of the product too.

The average order according to PetCareRx statistics is $80 so you will be able to earn a decent revenue in commission without having to spend all your time working on promotion.

Summary and Final Opinion

PetCareRx is definitely a legit store and its affiliate marketing program is legit too.


And since PetCareRx is only relying on the well-known brands out there – I believe that as long as PetCareRx support is on point – affiliates will have a great opportunity to help PetCareRx out, help pet owners, and earn a commission doing the good thing.


Do you ever shop at PetCareRx? Are you a PetCareRx affiliate? I would love to hear your thoughts about PetCareRx and their Affiliate Program. You may share you questions and comments with me in the section below and I will be extremely happy to respond. 


All the best!


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