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Do you work all day and can’t get to walk your dog as often as you would like?  Going on vacation or weekend getaway and need someone to take care if your precious companion?

Have you ever found a company that shares the same love and happiness for dogs as you do?

This can be anything, from the company that supplies food for your dog, the company that provides accessories for your breed type, or even companies that offer services such as dog walking.

Regardless of the company type or size, have you ever wished you worked for an awesome company you came across?

The chances are you can actually partner up with most companies you’ve interacted with through something called an affiliate program.

And in this post, you’ll find everything about a company called Rover. Even if you came across Rover already, keep on reading to find out how to partner up with them!

About Rover

Rover is a famous company that connects dog owners with dog sitters.

They also help people become dog sitters and they even have a couple of their own services such as dog boarding, drop-in visits, doggy daycare, or even dog walking.

They’re definitely the dog people – and if you have ever needed someone to watch out your precious dog, even if it’s just for a day – you can rest assured knowing that Rover is always there for you.

Review Details


Name: Rover


Owners: Philip Kimmey

Price: It’s free to become a Rover affiliate

Overall Rank: 4.8 out of 5

Company Details

Rover is a go-to place to find a sitter for your dog (or a cat), become a dog sitter, or get any of the services including:

  • Dog boarding
  • House sitting
  • Drop-in visits
  • Doggy daycare
  • Dog walking

They connect dog & cat sitters with dog & cat owners, although, they also have a couple of their own services (previously described).

Dog-walkerMany people were able to find a dog sitter at the last moment, and many people were able to supplement their income by working with Rover to find more clients.


However, what not many people know is that Rover also features an affiliate program that anyone can join and can actually become a partner of the company.

You won’t be Rover’s employee, but you’ll be able to make income by working with Rover.

And since Rover is a well-known company that’s very popular on the internet due to their simple search bar that connects dog & cat sitters with dog & cat owners.

Therefore, their affiliate marketing is very lucrative and it’s highly recommended to keep on reading to find everything about Rover’s affiliate program.

Rover Tools & Training

By partnering up with Rover, you are able to earn commission by introducing your audience (or readers) to the Rover nation.

This way, you will help promote Rover services, help a puppy (or the owner) in need, and earn commission by simply recommending Rover to people who haven’t heard of it yet.

All you have to do is join, promote, and earn. We know that it sounds simple, but how simple is it in reality?


The good news is that the Rover affiliate program is free to join. Rover has its own affiliate manager you can ask for more information or ask any specific questions.

However, Rover supplies its affiliate partners with tools needed to start. However, they are also pretty great at explaining the process of affiliate marketing and the role of becoming Rover’s partner.

Rover says that being successful in increasing revenue won’t be hard.

We believe that it takes a lot of work, but since you’ll be working with a quality company that is well-known and has plenty of people coming to use their services on their own – making a recommendation and spreading the good word about Rover will definitely help you make an income with it.

They also teach you how you can refer both pet owners and pet sitters or dog walkers to earn a commission, so there’s no limit.

Rover Support

Rover is great at providing support to their customers, but also to their partners.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Rover has a dedicated management team that will guide you and answers all your questions related to the process or the Rover affiliate tools.

They have also their own affiliate manager whose job is to work with Rover partners to help them out with training, support, and any other queries.

Therefore, the owners really support their service, system, and partners.

This means that you won’t be on your own whether you decide to use Rover services, provide services with the help of Rover, or even become their partner.

Another great thing is that if you become their partner and you still decide to use Rover services – you can get an active discount as well.

Product Price

It’s free to become a Rover partner, and you will get a commission of 15% on first booking and up to 5% on store sales.

There is no one price listed since the pricing depends on the sitter and the type of service people inquire.

However, Rover is relatively affordable compared to the local pet shops that provide similar services, and that’s why Rover is constantly increasing in its popularity.




The price can even depend on the size of a dog so there might not be one price that applies to everyone – but with so many variables, Rover is working on providing all users with an affordable solution.

Summary and Final Opinion

Rover is a company that’s almost a decade old and it’s increasing in its popularity. People are definitely loving their ability to connect owners with service providers.

Nowadays, almost every company out there has an affiliate program. However, not all affiliate programs are the same.

What we mean by this is that the Rover affiliate program is really legit and it’s worth joining for a couple of reasons.

They’re a legit company that’s fixing a problem by providing a solution, they have a great internet presence, and their affiliate program is definitely above board.


Whether you’re looking to supplement your income, replace your day job, or just do what you’re passionate about and stay around dogs & cats – becoming a Rover partner is a great choice.


I would like to hear what you think about and it’s affiliate program.  Have you ever tried using Rover services? I would like to hear about your experience with them. You may share you questions and comments in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Love A Rescue Dog ?

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”




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