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What Will Become of Pandemic Pets?

If you tried getting a pet during the pandemic, you would notice a high surge in prices. But why did this happen? It is simple. Demand and supply, just the opposite as Supply and Demand. The truth is people started adopting pets massively around the world since the first lockdown due to the pandemic and …

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Making a Pet Emergency Preparedness Plan

Do you love your pet as much as you love any other family member? Do you have a pet emergency preparedness plan? If not, it is time to create one and be prepared, because with emergencies – you never know! And if you have just found out that every pet owner should have a pet …

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A Place for Rover – Company & Affiliate

Do you work all day and can’t get to walk your dog as often as you would like?  Going on vacation or weekend getaway and need someone to take care if your precious companion?   Have you ever found a company that shares the same love and happiness for dogs as you do? This can …

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Heavy Shedder – Get Kong Zoom Groom

Does you dog shed a lot? Would you like to know about a product that can help with grooming a dog that really sheds like crazy?  Well keep reading and you will find out.   I’ve done some research and found out some great information I would like to share with you about the Kong …

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PetCareRx – Not Just For Prescriptions!

Hello everyone! I am back with another exciting review!  What exciting review am I referring to? Well, sit back and let me tell all you wonderful people out there about what I discovered about PetCareRX!  So here we go!   If you are from the USA or Canada, you must’ve heard of PetCareRx!  It’s a …

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Beware, These Guys Are Out There!

You need to offer the best protection for your dog against heart worms, ticks, and fleas. These parasites can make your dog unhealthy and sick in many ways.   Staying alert and cautious, you must find the sings of infestation.   Regular heartworm blood tests must be conducted under the supervision of your vet to …

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Dog Grooming – Clean & Healthy

Is your best furry friend getting gnarly looking? Hair hanging down over their eyes. Are his/her teeth gross looking and their breath stinky?   Are your dog’s nails too long? Are his/her ears full of yucky, crusty stuff? If so, it’s time for your dog to be groomed.   Did you know grooming improves your …

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