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Dog training is a discipline concerned with applying techniques based upon the values of learning to change behavior of social meaning.

It uses the environmental events of performances and consequences to change the behavior of a dog so it can take part in domestic life. A dog learns from interactions it has with its environment.

There are a variety of established methods of animals training. Some are better known then others.

To be successful with any training method, you need to know your dogs qualities and personality and apply accurate timing of support or punishment along with consistent communication. 

However, the use of punishment is controversial.

Inside this article you will find a Special Bonus, so please continue reading to discover what that wonderful bonus will be.

Training Factors

Here, I have listed a few factors that should be considered when attempting to train your dogs.

Communication is Key to Training Your Dog

Dogs have become closely associated with humans through domestication and have also become sensitive to human communicative signals.

Dogs have a lot of exposure to human speech, especially during play, and they have a good ability to recognize human speech.

However; some studies suggest that visual cues from the owner may be important for the understanding of more complex spoken commands.

Innate Characteristics Have an Effect on Training

If you consider the natural behaviors of specific breeds of dogs, it is possible to train them to perform specialized, highly useful, tasks.

This is because of a combination of factors including their food drive which enables them to keep focused on a task despite noise and other distractions.

Free Dog Videos

Dog training videos are not just fun, they are helpful too. Dog training does require some basic knowledge and reading up on the theory is important. But dog training is also a practical process.

There is only so much you can learn from the written word. These dog training videos are all invaluable to anyone training a dog at home, on their own.

They enable you to bring the help of an experienced instructor right into your living room.

There are some good courses available that you pay for, and that are well worth the money. And sadly, many that are not.

Top Training Videos for Training Your Dog

Chirag Patel – Food mannersModern dog training uses food a great deal, especially in the early  stages and with puppies. This video will help you learn when and how to use food to train your dog.

Also by Chirag is the video “Teaching your dog to stay”. This video demonstrates nicely how we should teach  the stay command in tiny, achievable steps.

Emily Larlham Loose leash walkingPulling on the leash is a universal problem. Check out this video for some good tips. Also by Emily is the video “Leave it”.

This is one of the most popular commands that people like to teach to their dogs and one that many dog parents struggle with and end up getting angry over.

Treatpouch – Teach your dog not to bark. This video demonstrates the bark/no bark training technique of teaching your dog to be quiet.

Kristin Krestejo – Understand your dog’s body language. A good knowledge of canine body language will make you a more successful dog trainer and help keep you safe around dogs of all kinds.

Tab Shamsi – Teaching your dog to come. This video teaches the principles of recall very clearly.

Nando Brown – Crating a nervous dog. This video shows how you can get a very nervous dog with a history of biting, into a crate by just using positive reinforcement.

As you can see from this list, there are a lot to choose from and they are all free of charge.


Free Books

You need to train  in a variety of areas. Obviously, you would need to choose the book or books that target your dog’s behavior or misbehavior.

There a several books that are free, downloadable and some that come with wonderful illustrations on dog training.

Free or Cheap Classes offers a free dog training course. With this course, you should be able to train your dogObedience-Training through an intermediate level of skill.

The course teaches Basic obedience as well as Intermediate obedience training.

If you are looking for Free or Cheap classes, this may be a great option for you and your dog. It is an eight-week course that is mailed to you in installments.

It certainly can’t hurt to check it out, especially when it’s free.

Petco Training Classes

Whether you have a young pup, older dog or a rescue, Petco training classes can help them learn how to behave appropriately at home and on-the-go.

They have accredited Pet Trainers who teach fun and effective group and/or private classes through positive reinforcement.

First, you must decide which training is right for your dog. This is an important factor. The trainers at Petco can offer advice on this, so you can start with the correct training.

Petco offers the following courses for you dog:


Puppy Training – 10 weeks to 5 months old.

Beginner Training – 5 months and older

Intermediate Training.

Advanced Training and Therapy Dog Training.

All Petco Training courses are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, they will allow your dog to retake the training.  I really think this is an excellent feature.

So don’t forget to check them out when you are deciding on the best training classes for your dog.

An Obedient, Lovable Companion + Special Bonus

When it comes to training your dog; no matter what method or methods you choose to incorporate, always remember to keep these few things in mind and you will sure to be successful.

Be committed, never give up, be positive, be consistent, be patient but be the leader, and always reward good behavior.


How to Claim Your Free Bonus

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You will also automatically receive any and all future updates to this website.

Training Puts Their Best Paw Forward


Are you having trouble correcting your dog’s bad habits? Are you looking for some help with training? I would really like to know your thoughts on training your dog. Please share your comments and questions in the section below and I will be happy tou respond.


All the best!


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10 thoughts on “Train The Easy Way, Use Proven Techniques”

  1. Hi Barbara: I’m here because you were in the hot seat yesterday! I love your site. I am not a dog owner for a variety of reasons, but I love them nonetheless. I feel training a dog is essential to having a good relationship for both the owner and the dog. This article provides many options, which is very helpful. I happen to love Cesar Milan. I learned a lot from watching his series.
    Best to you and your doggies!

    1. Barbara,
      I am so very sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Somehow I missed responding along the way and have been so busy since that it has slipped my mind. I learned a lot about my website by being in the hot seat last month. It was fun and interesting. I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article on ways to train your dog. Cesar Milan is fabulous! I agree and I wish I could afford him. My Chance is pretty well behaved but still has some issues that need addressing.

      Best regards,

  2. I’m at the bottom of your tower of comments, but I trust your efficiency and your power to do everything. This is GarryJam, I have been shut out after my last post. That’s why I am silent.

  3. Hi Barbara,

    I am really glad I came across this page, my sister has a pup that she got late last year and she’s very energetic.

    She is a labrador and is pure black, she equally seems drawn to all things black bizarrely enough.

    My sister is trying to train her and needs a little guidance I think.

    I will send her the link to your page as I think she will learn a lot from your posts.

    Thanks again for sharing this information.

    All the best,
    Julie Anne

    1. Julie Anne,
      Thank you very much for visiting my post. I am glad it will be useful to your sister in training her lab. I appreciate it.

      My entire website is filled with useful information that your sister may be able to use if you would like to pass it on to her.

      All the best to you and your sister!


    1. Michelle,

      Thank you so much for visiting this page and for your feedback.

      It is very important to have a well behaved ?. When you do, they will be welcomed wherever you go.

      Have a great week!


  4. Hey Barbara,

    Thanks for sharing such an insightful post. I really appreciate it. (:

    Talk about value packed content!

    Keep doing the great work that you do!

    Success to you always,

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