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Make Chewy Your Partner and Your Dogs’!

Welcome to another great company review, brought to you by – none other than me, the founder and creator of  Yes, I found another great company.   I am always happy to share great finds with my  fellow fur parents. The review I am going to share with you today is about   Do …

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Doggie Soccer with Plush Sport Ball

Back again with you, to let you in on a great toy for your dogs to play with in the backyard or even in the house.  Have you ever heard about the Plush Sport Ball-Soccer Ball?  It sounds like it could provide endless hours of fun for your dog(s), so let’s check it out and …

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PetCareRx – Not Just For Prescriptions!

  Hello everyone! I am back with another exciting review!  What exciting review am I referring to? Well, sit back and let me tell all you wonderful people out there about what I discovered about PetCareRX!  So here we go!   If you are from the USA or Canada, you must’ve heard of PetCareRx!  It’s …

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Treats, Bones and Dog Snacks Should be Healthy

  As a passionate dog lover and owner, I am deeply interested in sharing my experience and knowledge in whatever way possible with all dog owners. That is exactly why I decided to build a website that is exclusively dedicated to rescue dogs.   While embarking on the journey of creating such a website for …

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Top Dog Food Brand Review

Hello, all dog owner’s out there!  Today I will be reviewing  dog food brands and comparing them to other’s.  Maybe you have tried the ones I am about to review for your dog or dogs.  If you have, please let us know in the comments section.   In this review, I will be discussing Pedigree’s …

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Choose The Best Food For Your Dog!

Choosing a dog food brand is important, now that you have rescued your dog (I hope you have decided to). You may have many questions about what to feed your new furry pal.   Most people buy what they can afford or what’s on sale, without considering what is good and nutritious for the type …

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For Your Dogs’ Health – Vitamins and Supplements

Every dog, just like its human owner, requires additional vitamins and supplements for good health. When you walk into a pet store, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of supplements and vitamins available for your canine. So, how do you choose the right product?   The first step to finding the best supplements for …

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Beware, These Guys Are Out There!

You need to offer the best protection for your dog against heart worms, ticks, and fleas. These parasites can make your dog unhealthy and sick in many ways. Staying alert and cautious, you must find the sings of infestation.   Regular heartworm blood tests must be conducted under the supervision of your vet to safeguard …

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Dog Grooming – Clean & Healthy

  Is your best furry friend getting gnarly looking? Hair hanging down over their eyes. Are his/her teeth gross looking and their breath stinky?   Are your dog’s nails too long? Are his/her ears full of yucky, crusty stuff? If so, it’s time for your dog to be groomed.   Did you know grooming improves …

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Train The Easy Way!

Doggy Training – Putting Their Best Paw Forward   Dog 🐕  training is a discipline concerned with applying techniques based upon the values of learning to change behavior of social meaning.   It uses the environmental events of performances and consequences to change the behavior of a dog so it can take part in domestic …

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dog-looking pot window-waiting-for-master-to-come-hpme

Rescue Dogs and Separation Anxiety

  As in humans, many rescue dogs experience separation anxiety too.  According the ASPCA,  because far more dogs who have been adopted from shelters, have this behavioral problem than those kept by a single family since puppyhood, it is believed that loss of an important person or group of people in a dog’s life can …

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Canine CBD Company Reviews

Dogs are undoubtedly the most popular and endearing animal companions for human beings. These cheerful pets offer you lifelong companionship that you can cherish every moment in life.   Canines make your life richer by bringing amazing fun and great joy. Nobody wants to see their pet suffering due to pain or disease. It can …

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Tracking GPS Product Review

Ever wonder what you would do or how you would feel if your dog were lost or even stolen? It would be a terrible experience and I am pretty sure you would be distraught over the situation.   In a previous article, I wrote about dog behavior device’s. Today, I would like to review for …

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