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Shopping anything for dogs has never been easier. With hundreds (if not thousands) stores to that cater dog owners, it is hard to choose the right store to trust.


Of course, research is a smart way to learn everything about the store before even doing business with them and you will see exactly why in this Petyfy review.


Petyfy might not have the biggest internet presence among its competitors, but it is still a popular store that everyone keeps asking about.


You will most likely see ads for Petyfy on Instagram and other social media.


But what does Petyfy offer, can you trust the store, and are there any better alternatives? Keep on reading to find out!


About Petyfy


Petyfy is an online store in the dog niche which is led by one owner (Stephanie) where she approached the eCommerce space a bit differently.


Stephanie is a huge dog lover, and she created a store where her dog Mia would test all the products before she decides to feature them in her store.


Therefore, any product you see on Petyfy store has been tested by the owner’s dog and she only decides to sell them if she believes it is a right fit for her dog or if her dog really likes it.


Petyfy is also known for its worldwide free shipping and transparency with no additional fees involved at all.




However, you may have to wait long periods of time for your order, as many products are shipped from China and other parts of the world.


This is one of the things that led me to do a Petyfy review, but I discovered a lot more than I was expecting.


Therefore, keep on reading until the end! Believe me, you do not want to rush into this shop!


Review Details


Name: Petyfypetyfy-logo
Owners: Stephanie
Price: From $12.99 to $249.99

Overall Rank: 1.0 out of 5.0


Petyfy Review


Petyfy has a great mission which is to offer only high-quality products that are 100% tested by the company before they are available from the store.


Even though Petyfy cannot compete with some of the largest chain stores or well-branded online stores, it is nice to see a store that cares about the experience of the users and most importantly, other dogs!


The Petyfy website gives a great vibe, a wide range of products to choose from, a great mission.


Petyfy brags about its transparency, love for dogs, and even 24/7 customer support including a free toll phone for customers.


Unfortunately, it did not take me long to discover that almost 200 customers are very dissatisfied with Petyfy, including myself.


In fact, when you search for Petyfy, the first thing that pops up in the search engines is the Trustpilot page with a rating of 1.3 out of 5.0 for Petyfy.




Unfortunately, Petyfy seems to have very horrible customer support, common problems with product sizing, and even unfulfilled products – according to the Trustpilot reviews.


Therefore, this really made me change my mind about the store, not to mention my own experience with them.


I believe that Petyfy is a drop shipping store that sources products directly from China using an unreliable supplier.


This explains the shipping and sizing issues.


Even though Petyfy claims they have 24/7 support and a phone number that is free to use, it looks like it is really hard to reach the support and most importantly, get a refund.


Petyfy disappointed its customers, including myself, to the point that they are being called a scam store on a regular basis which is really bad for the store.


With that being said, not only it is risky to order any products from Petyfy, but I would recommend you check out products you find and like from their store in other stores.


Even though Petyfy looks like it was established back in 2011, it looks like it has been only running ads targeting dog owners in order to sell their products.


No other social presence or branding recognition is available.


Their Instagram profile looks really legit and is full of customer testimonials which could easily fool you if you did not come across Trustpilot!


Unfortunately, if only the customer support was as promised and the products were actually tested (with correct sizing in place), it would be a great store to purchase from.


Petyfy Products


I believe that Petyfy went viral on social media at one point because of a product that is a Petyfy brand backpack.


It is also a backpack that is advertised on their social media. It is a pretty unique backpack that allows you to safely carry your best friend either at the front or at the back.




It is not really hard to find this type of backpack in other online or in-store shops, so I cannot see why everyone went over to Petyfy to order them without doing their research first.


If only Petyfy delivered them properly with no sizing issues, it would be a winning product!


When it comes down to other products, Petyfy sells jackets, beds, collars & harnesses, equipment, and even offers limited products which are their own collection of products.


Therefore, you would be able to find anything from a simple dog harness or a dog jacket, to a dog ramp, and even an ergonomic dog bed.




Petyfy also has special offers for Christmas, bestsellers, and equipment such as nail trimmers or personalized name tags.


I happened to take advantage of their Christmas ad back in December 2020. I purchased two items and to this day have yet to receive them or a refund that was promised, after several attempts to contact them.


Do not be fooled into thinking it is such a great store. It is a shame that it cannot be trusted until they start doing business the way it is supposed to be run.


But as I have mentioned earlier, you can always find ideas from Petyfy and try and find the exact products in other dog stores.


What surprised me the most is that Petyfy is making really quality claims when it comes down to support and products.


It even has a “track my order” section which helps you to track your products.


Unfortunately, the Trustpilot reviews really show that behind all of the fake promises, you are either going to be left out of your money or be left with a product that is not as described.


Only 4% of the customers have rated the Petyfy with 5-stars while 92% of the customers have rated Petyfy with 1 star (negative) review.


I can see first-hand why there was such a huge demand for Petyfy backpacks. Not only are they unique and look like they are decently made, but they are also very affordable.


With a couple of different types, you could take your small puppy with you the way you like.




When it comes down to support, Petyfy promised great support that you can reach 24/7 via email, or even quickly call the free support number!


Unfortunately, none of that is true as I have experienced and Trustpilot reviews clearly show that customer support is not reachable.


Petyfy also has a clear FAQ with a return policy included, but I have seen that many customers, including myself, were unable to get refunds or exchange their products.


This makes Petyfy look very suspicious and even considered as a scam company.


Even though Petyfy mentioned delays in shipping due to the Covid19, they never gave a reason why they are not answering their customers or giving a refund back when requested.


On top of that, Petyfy also has a “track my order” page where you can easily track your order via the tracking code they supplied, but I am very doubtful that this works at all.


There were just too many complaints that the product never arrived and that no refund was issued at all.


But free shipping worldwide, I think Petyfy might have too much on their plate and that they should seriously reconsider their business before they get sued by unsatisfied customers who just want their money back since the service or product has failed them.


Petyfy Pricing


If you can remember, I have mentioned that Petyfy has very affordable products, and when you add free worldwide shipping to that, it is definitely a deal!


You can find products selling from as low as $12.99 to as high as $249.99.


Most of their products cost about $35 on average and if you purchase one or two products, your average order would be like $50.


The most expensive items seem to be the dog stroller and a luxury package that includes a backpack, ergonomic dog bed, and a couple more products.


But the greatest thing is that when you subscribe to the Petyfy email list, you will get a 15% discount code that you can use for the next purchase.


All of this would be perfect if the Petyfy was a quality store.


On the bright side, Petyfy does not have an affiliate program so you will not find endless positive reviews and as long as you do not let their social media accounts fool you – you will make a wise decision!




Petyfy might seem like a very great store with a great concept that makes it unique and different from all other dog stores you get to purchase from on the internet.


Luckily, if you came across this Petyfy review or Trustpilot page full of negative reviews, you would know that staying away from such a business is always better than burning yourself and regretting it afterward.


Petyfy can still serve you as a place full of great product ideas that you can look up on the internet and see if you can find them in any other stores.


And lastly, if you are an entrepreneur who is also a dog lover, re-creating the concept of Petyfy yet making it a highly efficient store with a couple of branded products in high demand, you would be able to make a lot of customers happy!


Did you ever purchase anything from Petyfy? What was your experience like?  I would like to hear your thoughts. You may share your questions and comments in the section below and I woll be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Love A Rescue Dog ?

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”


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