What is Canine CBD and Does It Work – Check These Reviews

Dogs are undoubtedly the most popular and endearing animal companions for human beings. These cheerful pets offer you lifelong companionship that you can cherish every moment in life.


Canines make your life richer by bringing amazing fun and great joy. Nobody wants to see their pet suffering due to pain or disease. It can be a disheartening sight.


Unfortunately, many dog owners are forced to watch the pain and suffering of their pets. They don’t know what exactly needs to be done and stay confused with the hope that things would settle down later.


You don’t need to wait for your dog to suffer anymore. Canine CBD oil and products guarantee immediate relief from pain and anxiety. These products can also be used to treat seizures and many other ailments in dogs.


Here are some most popular canine CBD oils & products that offer excellent benefits:


NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD Oil Review


Name:  NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD OilNuLeaf

Website: NuLeaf Naturals Dog CBD Oils

Price Range: $38.50 to $179.00 based on quantity

Owner: Jaden Barnes

Overall Rank:  4.5 out of 5


NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD Oil Overview

Immensely popular among a large number of pet owners, this canine CBD oil is concentrated to around 50 mg cannabinoids per millilitre of oil. The makers claim that this product is made from non-GMO plants.


It is good choice for cats as well as other types of pets. You won’t be able to find any preservatives or additives in this product.


According to the manufacturer, this product is derived from naturally-grown hemp plants without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. This NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD Oil review explores the pros and cons of this product without any bias or prejudice.


The Good & The Bad


The Good


  • It is a 100% organic product.
  • CO2 extraction systems used to remove phytonutrients from each plant.
  • No preservatives or additives added.
  • Made using non-GMO hemp plants grown on chosen farms in Colorado, USA.
  • Independent lab testing for quality and purity.
  • Bring immediate relief to pain and anxiety.
  • It contains omega fatty acids, trace minerals, and vitamins from the hemp plant.


The Bad


  • Limited flavor choices.
  • NuLeaf Naturals doesn’t have any Topicals, Edibles, or Salves.

Who Is NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD Oil For?


This product is for any dog owner over the age of 18 interested in the health benefits of CBD Oil and associated products for their dog(s). It is available in three different quantities, namely 240 mg (5 ml), 725 mg (15 ml), and 1450 mg (30 ml).


NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD Oil Tools & Training


As one of the most trusted Canine CBD Oil & Products manufacturers, NuLeaf Naturals offers an affiliate program for its customers. You can earn income easily by introducing new customers to NuLeaf Naturals.


It can be your relatives, friends, neighbors, or someone from social networking sites. When the referred person makes purchase on NuLeaf Naturals, you get a commission.

How Can You Promote the Referral Program?


As an affiliate partner, you will receive a referral link and an exclusive coupon code. You can share this link and/or code with your network using various channels such as your blog, website, social media, and email.


Offline methods can also be employed such as printing the code/link on your business card. When a person makes a purchase using your unique affiliate link or coupon code, you will get a 20% commission.


Do I Get Any Special Discounts as an Affiliate?


Yes; the manufacturer offers a unique coupon code redeemable for 20% off on all products for its affiliate partners. You can offer this discount to your customers so that they get motivated to make an immediate purchase.

What About the Commission Payment Method?


You will get a monthly payment on commissions using a tracking and payment system known as the Impact Partnership Cloud. The payment modes are electronic transfer and PayPal.


You Can Work as a Wholesale Partner


Affiliates don’t have to buy and stock products for selling them to other people. You just need to motivate them to buy from nuleafnaturals.com using your code/link. NuLeaf Naturals also allow you to work as a wholesale partner. You can buy and sell canine CBD oil & products in large quantities in your online or physical store.


NuLeaf Naturals Assistance Programs


The company is committed to giving back to the communities using different types of assistance programs. Discounted products are offered to the needy people in distress. The assistance programs mainly target veterans, police offices, paramedics, low-income household members, social workers, caretakers and many more.


NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD Oil Support


NuLeaf Naturals offers timely and responsible support solutions for each customer. You can contact the customer support team using a phone call or sending an email. Speedy response is guaranteed to meet your needs perfectly.


NuLeaf Naturals Pet CBD Oil Price


This product is available in three different quantities. The price of 250 mg CBD is $38.50. You need to pay $99 for 725 mg.  For 1450 mg, the price is $179.  As a part of the affiliate program, you will get a 20% discount for all these offers.



Final Opinion & Recommendation of NuLeaf Naturals Canine CBD Oil & Products


If you analyze all aspects without any bias, you can find that the Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil products of NuLeaf Naturals do not contain any dangerous chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, additives, and preservatives.


These whole-plant extracts contain naturally-occurring terpenes and cannabinoids. The dosage advocated by the company is two to three drops per 20 lbs two times a day. NuLeaf Naturals oils comply with federal standards with 0.3% THC.




NuLeaf Naturals Canine CBD Oil & Products are legit. Offering excellent relief from pain, anxiety and other types of ailments, these products live up to the expectations of the customers.


Since this CBD oil is not cooled, it retains the full spectrum of fatty acids, cannabinoids, trace minerals, and vitamins from the plant. The affiliate scheme offers a wonderful opportunity of selling a high-quality product that comes with appreciable market demand.


Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs Review


Name:  Honest Paws CBD Oil for DogsHonest-paws-cbd

Website: Honest Paws

Price Range: $49.95 to $89.95

Owners:  Lee Min and Chelsea Hunt-Rivera, Co-Founders

Overall Rank: 4.3 out of 5


Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs Overview


Canine CBD Oil & Products from Honest Paws are one of the popular products available on the market. This tincture is available in three different strengths.


Each product with a certain strength is meant to sever the needs of dogs with a specific range of weight. If your pet weighs 25 pounds or less, you can choose the oil with 125 mg strength.


The 250 mg strength is an ideal choice for dogs with a weight between 25 and 50 pounds. For all dogs that weigh more than 50 pounds, you have to go for the 500 mg strength. The common dosage recommended by Honest Paws is 1 ml of CBD oil per day.


According to the manufacturer, this CBD oil stands taller in terms of quality and purity. It offers outstanding benefits such as controlling pain, reducing nervous behavior, promoting joint mobility, and enhancing skin health.


How do you know all these promises are true or not? This Honest Paws canine CBD oil & product review evaluates all aspects objectively to find out the truth.


The Good & The Bad


The Good


  • This product is derived from GMO-free and natural hemp in Colorado.
  • It is available on three purity levels based on the weight of your dog.
  • Third-party lab testing brings appreciable credibility.
  • Budget-friendly price points.
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee with every purchase.
  • It is a soy-free product.
  • The ingredients are organic full spectrum hemp, human-grade medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.


The Bad


  • It is mild for certain breeds.


Who is Honest Paws CBD Oil For?


This product is for any dog owner over the age of 18 interested in the health benefits of CBD Oil and associated products for their dog(s). You have to choose the right strength for different weight categories to optimize the results. 1 ml daily is the dosage recommended by the company.


Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs Tools and Training


Affiliate Program


As a renowned and responsible manufacturer, Honest Paws is committed to enhancing the quality of life of different types of pets. You can become an Honest Paws Affiliate to generate good income as commission.


Spreading the word about these canine CBD oil & products is not a difficult task. The credibility of the manufacture is a great asset. You just need to submit an online form containing all relevant details to start your journey as an affiliate.


Retailers Can Partner With Honest Paws


Several retails have been associating with this company to sell high-quality CBD dog products for dogs. The reputation and reliability of the products always help retailers find the maximum number of customers and increase their sales.


Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs Price


As mentioned above, this product is available in three different versions. The Level one product 125 mg can be purchased for $49.95. If you take the auto refill mode after the first purchase, this product can be bought at $33.96. You need to pay $59.95 for Level two 250 mg CBD oil.


With the auto-refill option, you need to pay only $42.46. The Level three 500 mg price is $89.95. The auto-refill option costs only $67.96.


Major Benefits of Honest Paws CBD Oil


This fast-acting CBD oil promotes relaxation effectively. You don’t need to worry about a stressed-out dog anymore if you buy this product. Another important benefit is that it improves your pet’s bone health. Solving joint stiffness issues, this product restores enhanced joint function.


Honest Paws CBD oil assists your dog in maintaining normal histamine levels. It also supports the normal detoxification process. Regular use of this product addresses skin allergies admirably and takes your pet’s skin health into a new level. Other important benefits of this product are:


  • Maintaining a healthy intestine tract.
  • Rectifying gastric distress.
  • Maintaining a healthy gut flora & gut pH.
  • Stimulating proper digestion.
  • Enhancing cardiovascular function and health.
  • Improving vascular health.
  • Ensuring normal circulation.


Wide Range of Products


In addition to offering CBD oil, Honest Paws offers CBD soft chews and dog treats to meet the varying needs and preferences of different dog owners.


Honest Paws Soft Chews


These CBD soft chews by Honest Paws contain only all-natural ingredients. If your older dog does not like crunchy CBD biscuits, you can choose this option. These cannabidiol chews work as a calming Aid and also bring relief from arthritis.


They guarantee excellent joint support and enhance the overall health of your dog appreciably. As a poultry-flavored soft chew, this relaxing product also contains several calming ingredients such as L-Theanine and Tryptophan.


Honest Paws Dog Treats


The 100% pure Honest Paws CBD dog treats come with different flavors including roasted peanut butter, turmeric, and creamy coconut flavor. All types of anxiety issues can be solved with this product. If your dog is experiencing inflammation, pain, or muscle/joint aches, you can buy this dog treat to address these issues perfectly.


Final Opinion & Recommendation of Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs


The canine CBD oil & products offered by Honest Paws offer a wide range of benefits for your pets. You can expect fast and responsible shipping from this manufacturer.


All products are lab-tested and soy-free as well. If you place an order above $40, you will qualify for free shipping. Your pet is not going to experience any high effect because the THC levels are kept below 0.3%.




All canine CBD oil & products offered by Honest Paws are legit solutions that offer excellent results. You don’t need to worry about any side effects in pets while administering these oil products, chews, and treats.


While safeguarding the health of your dog effectively, you can also ensure a consistent flow of income with the help of the Honest Paws affiliate program.


Do you use CBD products for your dog?  Do you see any benefits of using CBD products for your dog?  I would really like to know what you think about CBD products for your dog. 

Let me know if you have any questions about the 3 companies reviewed here.  You may leave any comments you have in the section below this article and I will be happy to respond.


All the best!


Founder/Creator:  Love A Rescue Dog ?



“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”


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