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Benefits of TruDog Raw Food

TruDog is changing the way we feed our dogs and instead of only relying on what is available in the supermarket, TruDog has a great subscription model service where you can get quality dog food delivered to your door without spending much more money than you already spend on dog food.

TruDog helps owners on a one-on-one basis to create a custom meal plan with a transparent pricing structure where you know how much each meal is going to cost you.

The reason TruDog is breaking through the industry is that it relies on raw food and its benefits, but also for making it super convenient for dog owners.

Therefore, keep on reading to find more about TruDog’s best benefits of raw food and treats!

Best TruDog Raw Food and its Benefits

Feed Me Beef Raw Dog Superfood

trudog beef

Feed Me Beef is a raw dog superfood that includes 99% raw food which is dried so it benefits dogs in many ways.

The main benefit of this type of food is that it is biologically appropriate for dogs so it’s a great fit for dogs of all ages and breeds.

Not only will dogs love the way it tastes, but the food will also help them maintain healthy digestion and weight, but also support a strong immune system.

Rawgo Beef & Carrots Dehydrated Raw Superfood


There is no better combination than beef and carrots so why limit your dogs’ food only to the commercial food that does not taste or provide nearly as many benefits as this dehydrated raw superfood?

Rawgo helps produce high-quality raw food by air-drying the raw premium cuts of meat, fruits, and vegetables gently, so the ingredients do not lose wholesome nutrients.

On top of that, aroma and taste remain so you will not only improve your dogs’ nutrition but will also make them love their food even more.

Rawgo Lamb & Cranberry Dehydrated Raw Superfood

lamb and cranberries

Rawgo is making a huge change by providing dehydrated raw superfoods, and they have a wide range of selections so you can even choose meat, vegetable, and fruit your dog loves the most.

All dehydrated raw superfoods, including this one, do not include GMOs, have no by-products, are not processed at high heat, and are formulated by professional and holistic veterinarians and canine nutritionists.

Boost Me Beef & Fortify Me Topper

boost me and fortify me

If you already have a favorite your dog’s favorite food that is nutritional and you do not want to replace it, you can always additionally improve it with the toppers.

This is beef & fortify freeze-dried topping that you can add on top of the current meal plan your dog is having.

Fortify Me toppers include nine superfoods that include beef liver, salmon skin, pineapple, coconut oil, carrots, blueberry pomace, beet pulp, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin.

A combination of all of these superfoods in one topper on top of the meal plan will provide dogs with a powerful protein boost without adding any chemicals.

Best TruDog Raw Treats and Its Benefits

Treat Me Chilean Blue Sea Mussels Treats

sea bass and mussels

We bet that your dog never tried mussels, but why not? Not only are they healthy for dogs, but they also make a great treat!

Treat Me offers Chilean Blue Sea Mussels as treats that can be added to any dog’s diet to not only improve the taste, but also nutritional value.

Natural protein supports muscular and nervous systems while healthy fats and Omega fatty acids help support joints, bones, and skin.

Treat Me Beef Treats

crunchy beef treats


Chances are your dog might love a beef diet if you make a change, and is there a better way to treat your dog in between his meals than treating him with beef treats?

These beef treats are made from USDA-certified beef, meaty bones, and whole organ meats. Therefore, these treats are full of amino and omega-rich blood and fat.

As a result, dogs can benefit from increased energy and vitality, reduced allergies, reduced shedding, and they can even forget about itchy skin or rough or dull coat.

Treat Me Chicken Jerky Recipe Treats

chicken jerky recipe

Is there a better thing than chicken jerky? Why would our dogs have to live without tasting the wonder?

They do not have too anymore! With these Treat Me chicken jerky recipe treats, dogs can get the best of both worlds.

Natural treats are sourced and made in the USA from only 100% natural ingredients (no added chemicals or flavors) and great nutritional value.

These treats come as strips that are easy to strip and break down so you can use these as treats for training, whenever your dog behaves well or any other occasion.

Yet the best thing is that these chicken jerky recipe treats are suitable for dogs of all sizes and all breeds.


TruDog is not only making things convenient for the owners, but it is also making natural food and treats our dogs deserve.

So, while your dog’s enjoy delicious yet nutritional raw food and its benefits, owners can also feel proud for feeding their dogs with only healthy, high-quality, natural food dogs deserve.

Keep in mind, if you switch for raw dog food, your dogs will love the taste so much that you will also have to get raw treats in between the meals!


What is your favorite thing about TruDog and its approach to providing raw food for dogs? I would like to hear what you think. You may share your comments and questions in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


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