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Paw Beds and Blankets Review 2021

Paw.com is an incredibly unique store where you can get orthopaedic dog beds, dog blankets, and many other accessories that will not only help improve your dog’s comfort but will also help you keep your pets in your home without making any damage to your furniture.

With that being said, Paw is one of the rare pet stores that combines comfort and aesthetics to ensure each one of their products does not only benefit the dog but also benefits the owners.

So, if you are looking for some high-quality pet products you will love having in your home, and that your dogs will adore, you are in the right place.

In the review below, you will find out everything about Paw.com, their products, and how they can benefit you and your dog so you can make a well-informed purchase!

About Paw.com

Paw.com is well known for being an online pet shop that does not only sell pet products, yet also manufacture them.

Even though they have a huge presence online, you might even come across some of their products in brick-and-mortar stores.

All of their products are made with mindfulness, high quality, long-lasting, and most importantly, comfort for our wonderful pets.

With that being said, Paw.com does not have very many competitors since they are really doing their own thing by combining various things into one to offer only the best to both pet owners and the pets themselves.

On their website, you can find anything from orthopaedic dog beds, waterproof dog blankets, bundles, travel kits and accessories, and even holiday deals when the time is right.

Review Details

Name: Pawpaw.com blue and white logo
Website: Paw.com
Owners: Dave and his dog Marlie
Product prices: From $70 to hundreds of dollars
Overall Rank: 4.8 out of 5.0

Paw.com Beds


Dog laying on paw bed

Paw was on the mission to produce some of the most comfortable beds for dogs and their award-winning line of products includes dog beds made of memory foam that come in all types of shapes and sizes, with different patterns so they fit in any home’s interior.

All dog beds are rigorously evaluated by both pets and humans, and Paw.com always takes care of everything from the material choice and designing to crafting.

The mission behind their dog beds was to create a pet dog that every dog deserves, but also a dog bed that the founder of Paw.com Dave, would be proud to get for his dog and recommend to his friends and family too.

From an idea to a design, and to a test, all the way to the iteration and creation, this is the process Paw.com follows until the end product is ready to be enjoyed.

In this case, orthopaedic dog beds are super helpful at providing better support by a wiser material choice such as memory foam that provides great support and can distribute weight evenly so the pressure on joints and muscles is relieved.

No matter how old your dog is, the chances are high that he will love Paw orthopaedic beds, and yet you can even pick a size, shape, and pattern that you know he will like for sure.

Most Popular Paw Orthopedic Beds

gray orthopedic bed with dog

All Paw dog beds are made with an orthopaedic purpose in mind, so all you have to choose is the material type, shape, size, and type of bed.

The most popular Paw dog beds are the Original Faux Fur beds which provide luxurious pressure-reliving memory foam that isn’t only super comfortable but is also going to match any interior.

There is also a Mini Faux Fur for smaller dogs.

Runners are memory foam dog beds that look like rugs and are super fun to have and see in any home, yet they provide the same comfort for the dogs.

If you or your dog are a sports fan, Paw Sports beds will fit well into your home’s interior.

Paw also produces Pup Lounge System beds that is a topper that you can integrate into your dog’s existing bed.

However, if your dog has been having any medical issues, sleep is super important but achieving comfort might not be so easy.

That is when Paw’s Ultra Thick beds become the best thing you can get to relieve the stress and weight on your dog’s bones and body.

Paw also produces portable beds (ideal for cars), indoor and outdoor bed types, and even cat beds, so you can definitely find a bed that your dog will love, but also a bed that will fit perfectly in your home’s interior.

Paw.com Blankets


Paw also produces incredibly good blankets for your home that will protect your furniture from pets, but it will also make things a lot more comfortable for your pets.

The most popular Paw’s blankets are the Faux Fur blankets that are waterproof.

They do not only look and feel luxurious so you can place them over your furniture, but they are also super comfortable for your pets to cuddle up to, especially during colder days.

Paw also produces and sells velvet blankets, cool comfort blankets, and even anti-scratching cat blankets so you can rest assured your furniture will stay intact, which is ideal if you are renting.

There are also bed and matching blanket deals, and even orthopaedic bolster pillows that will help improve your pet’s comfort, which is especially useful after an injury.

Most Popular Paw Blankets

dog sitting on blanket on couch

The most popular Paw blankets are the Faux Fur Waterproof Throw blankets that come in fifteen unique styles and two assorted sizes.

Even though this type of blanket is waterproof, it is machine washable, and it can protect your furniture not only from liquid, but also from hair, dirt, smell, and even scratches while effortlessly blending into your home.

There is also a cool comfort blanket that is pretty versatile so your dog can stay cozy the entire year. This blanket comes in assorted sizes and styles so you can also match both your indoor and outdoor decor.

If you have a cat and you are worried about your furniture, an anti-scratch blanket will provide a cozy place for your cats to sleep on your furniture, and yet you won’t have to worry about them scratching it when they’re stretching.

This type of blanket comes in four layers to ensure protection and yet increase comfort and style.

Paw also produces two types of pillows where one of them is an orthopaedic pillow that can provide a great headrest, while the other pillow is a memory-foam pillow that can provide an extra bit of comfort.

Other Paw Products

Not many people know that Paw also produces great odor eliminator sprays that include essential oils so you can cover up the smell of your pet and add a fresh breeze into your room.

Paw formulates their eliminator sprays without chemicals that are often used to mask the smells.

Instead, Paw naturally derives ingredients they use when formulating their sprays so there is no paraben, sulphate, or any chemicals which means you can use Paw sprays on pet beds, pillows, furniture, and anywhere you like.

Three main scents you can get are:

  • Chamomile & Lavenderodor eliminator
  • Grapefruit & Sandalwood
  • Peppermint & Rosemary

You can also get a fresh and unscented spray which also does an excellent job.


Paw has an incredibly functional website so you can easily navigate your way around and browse for products.

Each product is well described, has high-quality photographs, and is fully transparent since Paw always explains in detail how they crafted the specific product.

If you ever get stuck, help is just a phone call away, or you can also send them an email, or read frequently asked questions to get some answers that might help.


Paw’s prices might be slightly higher than average, but you Paw is an incredibly unique store that does not only combine comfort with style, but it also produces all of their products themselves so you can always expect excellent quality.

Prices range anywhere from $70 to hundreds of dollars, depending on the product you are looking at.

Also, the same type of products such as beds can differ in price, depending on the material, size, and type of product.

Overall, Paw’s products are very well worth the money since they are made to last, you will love to have them in your home, and your pets will enjoy them a lot.

Also, make sure you browse Paw frequently as they tend to add discounts, especially during holiday seasons, and the discounts go all the way up to 70% which is a deal you shouldn’t miss!


My Final Thoughts On Paw Products

Paw has incredibly great products and the whole thing this company is doing is very convenient.

They are one of the rare web stores where you can get quality pet products that will fit separate occasions, will provide extreme comfort to your pet, and yet will make you fall in love with it since that is how well these products fit into the home’s decor.

On top of that, considering all products are made by Paw and they are not reselling anything, the prices are more than fair, and the quality of the products is outstanding.


What is your favorite Paw product and why? Do you plan to get it? I would be interested in knowing what you think, so please share your thoughts, comments and questions in the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder/Creator:  Love A Rescue Dog 🐶



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4 thoughts on “Paw Beds and Blankets Review 2021”

  1. Thank you for this informative article about Paw beds and blankets! I have to admit that this is my first time hearing about this brand and I like the photos you attached for different segment of their products.

    Decently priced too for such functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. My absolute favorite from your review has to be the faux fur waterproof throw blanket- I love that it is beautiful, machine washable and protective of home furniture.

    As a dog lover, I love learning about the ways we can better care for our pets and the Paw.com seems to do a very good job of providing convenient means of doing so.

    Thanks for this awesome review.


    1. Hi Femi,
      Thank you so much for the wonderful comments you made to my review on Paw Beds and Blankets.
      It is great to know that others can see from my article that Paw has amazing quality products. I have purchased 3 blankets for my home, and I can attest to the superior quality of their products.
      The blankets are washable but need to be air-dried. They cannot be placed in the dryer due to the delicacy for the material. However, they do dry pretty quicky.

      Have a great New Year!

  2. Considering the fact that join disease is quite common with dogs it is important as pet owners to have proper bedding for there pets.

    Paw seems to be an incredible store, I really like the collections they offer in beds and blankets…to a certain extent I feel, you can literally have it tailor made as per the requirements of your dog.

    The kind of commitment and mission Paw has shown towards dog beds…I certainly feel it will meet all the requirement of your pooch and make sure it has a cozy place to chill on the floor.

    1. Satz,
      I apologize for the delay in responding and appreciate your patience.
      Thank you for your comments on my review of PAWS beds and blankets.
      Paw certainly is committed to the health and wellbeing of dogs, and I appreciate that you were able to ascertain that from my article.
      Their prices are a bit higher than normal, but the quality of their products is outstanding. I purchased 3 blankets for different areas of my home and can personally attest to the quality and usefulness of them.


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