Meet Dottie

Welcome everyone to the third segment of my website where I feature a dog for adoption from the local Canine Rescue and Adoption Shelter.


It has been a while since I laast posted to this feature but that is due to COVID-19 and the fact that the Shelter is closed at the present time and only taking online adoption applications until the can re-open again.


Of course, the shelter I am referring to is the Jersey Shore Aninmal Center. This is the Animal Center where I adopted my Chance a little over two years ago. They have so kindly given me permission to feature their dogs in my articles.


The mission for these segments is not only to educate and inform, but open your mind to adopting instead of shopping for your next fur friend.


After all; don’t dogs need to be in a good, nuturing home environment, surrounded by loving family members, just like you and me? Of course they do!


This second article in the series will refresh your knowledge about this wonderful shelter and the great work they are performing on behalf of all animals, not only dogs.


After which, I will introduce you to the dog we chose to be featured in my series. So what do you say, shall we get started? I thought you might agree, so here we go!


Find out More About JSAC


Meet Dottie

Today, we are going to meet a very pretty girl with a sweet personality.  Her brother Boots was adopted before Christmas and she’s been wondering ever since, why no one has come forward to adopted her.  When will it be her turn.  When will I go home to a nice family with a great big yard for me to olay in. Dottie, is a female hound mix and she is only 8 months old.  She is 50 pounds of love abnd affection, who love to go on long walks and play.


Take a look at Dottie’s sweet face in the picture below. How can anyone resist this sweet little girl’s smile and if you can fall in love with those brown eyes staring back and you, than I don’t know what to say.  If you are like me, tht brown and black patch over her one eye is what made me fall in love at first sight.


Won’t you give Dottie a chance at a loving, affectionate home environment? Just go online to the Jersey Shore Animal Center at Jersey Shore Animal Center and fill out an adoption application.  All fees and information you’ll need will be on the website.  Please do not be detered from adopting because this is a local shelter here in New Jersey.  They will transport the pet to you if you are outside of the state, within reason.




Meet Gary


Anyone living in the New York area, I just received word on a 7 month boxer that was brought up from Texas.  His name is Gary and you can find out more about him by clicking on this link.  New York Rescue Dogs Rock – Meet Gary




Now for Some Updates

Remember Brownie, well was just informed that she has been adopted and went to live with her new family last Sunday.  I’m pretty sure she’s happy to have found her forever home.


Remember Goliath, well he is still at the shelter waiting for someone to bring him home.  Goliath needs someone you can overlook his physical disabilities and love him for the beautiful dog that he is.


We all have physical disabilities of some kind and we all still need someone to love us for who we are, not what we look like.


Won’t someone give their heart to Goliath, so he too can leave the shelter and be happy in a new forever home?  Think about it. You can go online like I mentioned above and fill out an application to bring Goliath home.




In this time of uncertainty that hat been brought about by COVID-19, the Jersey Shore Animal shelter has been faced with difficult and challenging times.  At present the shelter is closed to the public and the staff is doing their best to come up with alternatives ways to reach out to the public to find forever homes for all their animals.


If my segments can help them in any way, I will continue to reach out to my audience to get involved and adopt an animal that deseparately needs a good home.


Although my segments involve one of the local shelters in my area, I hope they will help to educate and inform everyone around the world about the adoption and care of a dog.


I hope it motivates you to adopt and not shop. Besides being a very selfless thing to do, adoption costs less and keeps the population of shelters low.


You may be in my local area, another state or somewhere on the other side of the world, however the adoption principle is the same.  A shelter life, although well taken care of (most of the time), is no life for a dog.  



I hope you enjoyed this segment! If you are interested in finding out more about the Jersey Shore Animal Center (JSAC), Dottie, Goliath or any other dog that will be featured in this series, please leave some comments down below and I will gladly provide any additional information you may need.


All the best!


Founder: My Everything For Your Dog 🐶

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”



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