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The Who – That’s Me

Hello and welcome to My Everything for Your Dog Website. This page is about me and my rescue dog passion. As you read through this page and others on my website, you’ll discover what I’m about and why I have such a passion for rescue dogs. Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy what you find here and return frequently.


Barbara here! I have two adult children and my one child still lives at home.  Together we have three dogs. They are all rescue dogs. It can get a little crazy around here at times.


I grew up in a city environment until I was 16. After high school, I attended the local community college. I am a United State Air Force veteran and worked for the US Federal government for more than twenty years.


During this time, I decided to return to college to finish my education. It took me six years of online course work but I finally graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Management.


My Other Passion – Poetry


One other thing about me that I would like to mention. I am a published author of poetry and my poems have been included in several Poetry Anthologies between 1980 – 2012. In 2014, I decided to create my own poetry manuscript using Shutterfly.


I included photo into the design to reflect the theme of each poem that I had written over the past thirty-nine years. The book is entitled “When Hearts Collide & Etcetera”. You won’t find it on bookstore shelves as only three copies were produced as sort of legacy that can passed down to my children.


Why?The Why – My Story

For nearly four years, I have been living on a fixed income.


My need to find ways to occupy my time led me to searching online business opportunities, as most public sector companies do not offer work from home opportunities.


So my search began to find legitimate ways to supplement my income while working from home. I did my research, because I know there are a lot of scams and get rich schemes out there and didn’t want to get hooked into one of those.


When I came across Wealthy Affiliate, I knew this was the one for me. This is truly a legitimate business. You can google reviews about them. If you would like to learn more  about this amazin platform and community click on the link


My Rescue Dog Passion Began at Childhood


As far back as I can remember, dogs have been a big part of my life. Our family always had one when I was growing up, and as an adult, I have had four more. As most people do, I consider them to be a part of the family. Give a rescue dog your time, your love and you will receive unconditional love in return.



Two years ago, I lost my precious girl Gidget to heart disease at eleven years old. That’s her on the left. She was a beautiful tan and white cocker spaniel with the fluffiest ears and coat.


Her passing devastated me. At first, I wouldn’t even consider replacing her, but as the days went by I missed her more and more. I live alone, so it made the empty feeling seem overwhelming.


The house was quiet. I would never hear her cute little howl again. She was a true companion and a lovable furry friend. I missed everything that she brought to my life.


My Passion Continued


One day, my niece’s encouraged me to rescue a dog from a shelter or a rescue organization, as they had done. I decided to do just that.  I couldn’t wait any longer, being without a dog in my life to love was unthinkable. So I made it my mission to visit the local shelters to find the right pup for me.


As I walked around the shelter area, I began to think that I wouldn’t find the one for me, even though there were so many special dogs. Just then, I turn the corner into a different area and there he was staring up at me and doing a happy dance, just to know someone had come to visit him.


I knew in an instance, this little guy was the one. Quickly, I made all the adoption arrangements to make sure I didn’t miss out on taking him home with me. A week later, he was mine. I couldn’t have been more happier than I was that day.


Chance is my rescue dog. He has been with me for two years now and is just under three years old.PWC Chance is the most lovable, kind and affectionate Whippet/Chihuahua mix.


I named him Chance because I believed we both needed a second chance at a good life. Chance is my wingman and best pup buddy.


And The What For – My Purpose

I created this website to first bring awareness to the plight of the millions of dogs that need fur ever homes…dogs who have been abandoned, mistreated and left for dead. The shelters are overcrowded. Besides, a shelter-life for a dog is a lonely place to be.


Please think about rescuing a dog from a shelter or rescue organization before paying outrageous prices for a breeder or to a pet store.


The second reason for creating this website is to provide dog owners with a wide variety of products that they can purchase. I intend to provide products which will allow your dogs to enjoy a more loving, carefree, happier, healthier and playful life.



For more information, or to leave comments you may use the section below and I will be happy to respond.


All the best,


Founder: My Everything for Your Dog 🐶

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but for that one animal, the world changes forever”





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8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Barbara!

    As a dog lover myself, you touched my heart with your site! I had a Labrador retriever myself, named Skruff.

    Unfortunately I needed to let him go last year due to canser. He just turned 8 years old.

    I love your site, and it shows you speak from bottom of your heart through your site. Not many people are able to manage that conversational tone with their content.

    You contacted me about some advices regarding traffic and subscribers at my website, resourceformoney.com I will send you an email about this.

    I wish you and your dogs a wonderful day, and keep up the good work you are doing!

    All the best,
    Fred Eimhjellen.

    1. Fred,
      Thank you so very much for coming to visit my website. I appreciate all the wonderful compliments and comments you provided. I am sincerely sorry for the loss of your Skruff. Should you ever decide on getting another dog please think about Adopting and Not Shopping. I can’t stress this enough.
      Appreciate the advice regarding traffic and subscribers.
      All the best to you,

    1. Hello Jessie,
      Thank you very much for visiting my About Me page. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my story. I appreciate the fact that there are people out there that can relate to the things I am passionate about. Your comments are helpful to me in building a website that is worth people’s attention. I appreciate them immensely.
      If you are interested in seeing the rest of my website you can visit at: https://www.myeverythingforyourdog.com. Let me know what you think.

      All the best to you.
      Have a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!

  2. Dear Barbara. You seem to be a gentle soul and I’m certain your dogs live in pure luxury. It’s heart warming to read your story and assures me that I have to get a dog again sometime. 🙂

    1. Hi Jonas,
      Thank you for visiting my post. I appreciate your compliments. Right now our dogs live in a loving environment. I can get a bit chaotic with three of them in an 1100 square house, especially with the two bigger dogs. It’s far from luxury but they are well taken care of. Most of all, I am pleased that my post prompted to have a dog again. Please think about “Adopting and Not Shopping”. In the long run, adoption saves you money, whether or not the dog is a pedigree.

      All the best to you and good like finding your best friend fur-ever!

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